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Deeper Truth defends the Catholic Church which is the fullness of Christ's truth. Haven't you been a baby Christian long enough? Let's go deeper. Read our articles at

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Trust: No love and no marriage can survive without this. Trust has more aspects than verbal honesty. Your wife must know you are being emotionally honest with her at all times. She is not a mind reader or clairvoyant and for her to learn to read you accurately over time she must really understand what you really think and feel. While she too must do the same, you need to make sure she feels free to do so. This means listening without judging her when she opens her heart to you, and for her to understand you – she must do the same for you. This is the basis of intimacy, for without feeling able to truly open up to each other and embrace not just what is outside – but what is inside we can never be truly intimate. Her sense of safety and security depend on her knowing that no harm will come to her. She is entrusting this care to you, you must never betray this sacred duty or her ability to trust in you will be lost. This does not always mean you will succeed, nor that you must do it alone – but together as God intended. By both of you acting selflessly for the good of the other party you will only increase that trust, and either party acting selfishly will serve to decrease or eliminate it. This applies to threats to your marriage that are violent, physical, emotional, financial, and otherwise. In short, she must trust unconditionally that you would never harm her nor knowingly allow her to come to harm.
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I'm a revert. Away from faith for 20 years. Led a very promiscuous life. I was a compulsive gambler. I was a womanizer. Drugs. Booze. Said Lord's Name in vain and profanity regularly. Paid for a couple abortions. Now I go to abortion... more

In the year 1345, King Casimar III the Great of Poland gave orders to build a church named Corpus Christi in honor of the Eucharistic miracle that was verified that same year. It had taken place in the village of Wawel, near Krakow. Some... more

We believe that Jesus Christ created a church that is the Pillar and Foundation of all truth, just as the Bible states. That we have an infallible Bible (and we do) is only because an infallible church gave it to us. That church-and only... more

Tuesdays are basically open nights for interviews, topics of interest, and featured articles from the Deepertruthblog. Each week this will be an opportunity for Deepertruth to promote upcoming events such as Ross and Margie of Roaming... more

The Five Joyful Mysteries Monday & Saturday The Annunciation: Humility The Visitation: Charity The Birth of Our Lord: Poverty, or detachment from the world The Presentation of Our Lord: Purity of heart, obedience The Finding of Our... more

John Carpenter is a convert to the Catholic Faith. In his study and research, he has developed one of the worlds greatestest documentation on Marian Apparitions found any where. Join John each week as he brings alive the message of Our... more

When Maximilian returned to Poland in 1919 he rejoiced to see his country free once again, a liberation which he typically attributed to Mary Immaculate. Pius XI in response to a request from the Polish bishops had just promulgated the... more

Friday night 8/22/2014, the rescheduled debate between Deepertruth's John Benko and Catholic/Calvinist Facebook page host Kohl Nelson. The debate begins live at 7:00 Eastern, 6:00 Central, 5:00 Mountain, and 4:00 Pacific.The... more

The saint held in his hands a monstrance containing the consecrated Host; the heretic held his starving mule. The saint, after having requested and obtained silence, turned to the mule with these words.?In the name of your Creator,... more

Tonights debate is between Kohl Nelson of Catholic/Calvin Facebook page and John Benko of Deepertruth. This debate will focus on the doctrine of Predestination which there typically is a simularity between Jansenists and... more