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On August 26 the tabernacle was reopened to get the vessel with the fallen Host, and it was observed that it was not dissolved and showed several reddish stains that became larger each day. The priests of the parish went immediately to the Archbishop of Buenos Aires to recount what had happened. It was decided to wait before proceeding with the investigations and in 1999, after the Archbishop was made aware of the fact that I was performing for free these scientific investigations, he entrusted me to take up the case. On October 6, 1999, I went to Buenos Aires and interviewed the 5 priests' witnesses of the event who told me that there had been another consecrated Host which had bled in May of 1992. They had put it in distilled water which is the worst way to preserve something and for this I was very concerned. Everyone knows that when one draws blood it is possible to obtain the leukocyte formula (white blood cells). In blood there is a variety of white blood cells with specific characteristics. The priests, in the first miracle, had asked one of their lady parishioners who was a chemist to analyze the bleeding Host. She discovered thatit was human blood and that it presented the entire leukocyte formula. She was very surprised to observe that the white blood cells were active.The lady doctor could not however do the genetic examination since at that time it was not easy to perform it. I brought a sample from the 2 Hosts which had bled, before the archiepiscopal notary who certified the legality of that action, as requested by the authorities of the Church in Argentina.
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