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Deeper Truth defends the Catholic Church which is the fullness of Christ's truth. Haven't you been a baby Christian long enough? Let's go deeper. Read our articles at

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Like millions of parents before her, Natalie Steffen was faced with her children receiving pediatric vaccines starting after birth and during subsequent well child visits. This story is one mother's journey to exempt her children from further vaccinations. Natalie gave birth to her firstborn daughter Skylar in October 2004. Skylar received all the shots on the schedule, starting with the hepatitis B vaccine, given within the first 12 hours of life. Skylar reacted to the vaccines, but her parents didn't know their daughter was suffering side effects and adverse reactions to them.
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In the official documentation of this event, which is still preserved in the chapel of the Gray Penitents, we read that on November 30, 1433, while the Blessed Sacrament was exposed in the little chapel for public adoration, the city of... more

Of this I became a minister by the gift of God's grace that was granted me in accord with the exercise of his power. To me, the very least of all the holy ones, this grace was given, to preach to the Gentiles the inscrutable riches of Christ,... more

God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them: ‘Be fertile and multiply and fill the earth(Genesis 9:1).? God re-establishes man's dominance over all the earth (Genesis 1:26, Genesis 9:2-3), as well as the call to Multiply... more

The Five Glorious Mysteries Wednesday & Sunday The Resurrection: Conversion of heart The Ascension: A desire for heaven The Coming of the Holy Ghost: The Gifts of the Holy Ghost The Assumption of our Blessed Mother into Heaven:... more

John Carpenter is a convert to the Catholic Faith. In his study and research, he has developed one of the worlds greatestest documentation on Marian Apparitions found any where. Join John each week as he brings alive the message of Our... more

The Seven Sorrows of Our Lady 1. St. Simeon's Prophecy (Luke 2:35) 2. The Flight into Egypt (Matthew 2:13-14) 3. The Loss of Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2:44-52) 4. The Meeting of Mary and Jesus on the Way to Calvary (Tradition... more

?It would be easier for the earth to exist without the sun than without the holy sacrifice of the Mass.? St. Padre Pio ?God dwells in our midst, in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.? St. Maximilian Kolbe ?We should never again use the... more

The event was sponsored by the Marian Association of Southern Missouri headed by Father Vincent Bertrand (Deepertruth Chaplain) and Dr. Gregory Thompson. I flew up to Springfield Missouri flying from Killeen Texas to Dallas and finally to... more

From the Epistle of St. Ignatius to the Smyrnians. "Now the more any one sees the bishop keeping silence, the more ought he to revere him. For we ought to receive every one whom the Master of the house sends to be over His... more

?The Five Sorrowful Mysteries Tuesday & Friday The Agony in the Garden: Contrition for our sins The Scourging at the Pillar: Mortification of our senses The Crowning with Thorns: Interior mortification The Carrying of the Cross: Patience... more