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Deeper Truth defends the Catholic Church which is the fullness of Christ's truth. Haven't you been a baby Christian long enough? Let's go deeper. Read our articles at http://www.deepertruthblog.com

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And, opening his hands, the tilma fell, and from it a celestial bouquet of multi-colored blooms, mingled with Castilian roses, cascaded softly to the floor before the startled dignitaries, and perfumed the room with a heavenly aroma.... more

Dear brothers & sisters in Christ, If you are receiving this email, it is because I consider you a "Practicing Catholic." Somebody that tries to make a difference, not only with your family, but also in the community. Today, I would like... more

?Even though the Eucharist is solemnly celebrated every day of the year, on one day we pay special honor to the Body of Christ. We may, of course, invoke the Lord with our minds and our spirits at any time, but we do not in this way obtain... more

Has American lost her way? Have we as a nation fallen down rabbit trails taking us away from our Christian roots? Tonight we will be discussing this very problem with Host Catholic Convert Mark Kiser

Donald Trump will have a chance to expose Hillary Clinton and show the importance of his Presidential Candidacy in this election. With the vast support of the media defending Clinton, Trump will have to make his appeal through the... more

Host John Carpenter explores the details of the amazing story of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. With so much good information to share, it is expected to take two weeks to describe everything. Donald Hartley of Deeper Truth... more

Despite the massive attacks coming from the left wing media, the Washington Cartell, all the forces trying to elect Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump continues to threaten to win the election.

Just sitting back listening to Fox News this morning really was frustrating as the offensive against Trump reaches new lows. Trying to compare the criminal behavior of Clinton with the false accusations of Clinton supporters is hard to... more

As I continue to watch the smear tactics of the Liberal-wing trying to defeat Donald Trump, it is hard to watch the mainstream media as they are totally in the tank forHillary Clinton. Thanks to theWiki-leaks coming out daily, this would be... more