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Welcome Star Trek & science fiction lovers! Enter 'Deep Space', as writer Will Stape hosts a weekly trek into sci-fi & Star Trek. Listen Long & Prosper!

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Deep Space

William Shatner Launches My Outer Space.Com

  • by Deep Space
Captain Kirk commanding his own Twitter? William Shatner captain of his own Facebook? Make it so! Engage!Well, it's something like that - it seems Bill Shatner of Star Trek fame, Priceline pitchman and Boston Legal Emmy Award... more

Star Trek news blasts by at warp speed! William Shatner's new social network site for sci-fi fans - My Outer Space - a new Star Trek exhibit and news about Cryptic's online Star Trek game.
Deep Space

Famous & Infamous Of Star Trek

  • by Deep Space
When Gene Roddenberry crafted his TV show Star Trek (1966), he explored social, scientific, political and historic issues. With 79 episodes produced for the original series, 178 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and hundreds more in... more

News and views regarding Star Trek - including latest news about Andrew Koenig, the son of Walter Koenig who played Chekov on Star Trek. Star Trek online and Apple's iPad is also discussed.

Sex and Star Trek? You don't see it you say? Trust me, sex and Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek go perfect together - especially the cosmic coupling of sexuality you may never even imagine. Join us for a mature discussion of sex,... more

Star Trek is known for space combat - thrilling phaser battles with other space vessels. Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek is also known for some amazing physical fights and combat. Here now the best of the fights of Star Trek

Starship and space station crews of Star Trek loved to relax in many ways. One of the favorite pastimes was sports - especially baseball. In Deep Space Nine, Captain Sisko loved his baseball. Let's talk baseball and other Star Trek sports.

The Apollo 11 Moon Landing with NASA Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins coincided with Star Trek's 40th anniversary as well. Star Trek's last season was in 1969 - the same year American's blasted off to the... more

Star Trek isn't all space exploring and action. Laughter was all over the galaxy in Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek. We'll talk big laughs, big fun and Star Trek comedians including Whoopi Goldberg, Joe Piscopo and Frank Gorshin. Our... more

Star Trek or Star Wars? Spock or Yoda? Captain Kirk or Han Solo? For over 30 years now, sci-fi fans have debated over which is better - Star Trek or Star Wars. Let's have a little science fiction friction over Star Trek VS. Star Wars!
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