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Deep Space

Deep Space


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Welcome Star Trek & science fiction lovers! Enter 'Deep Space', as writer Will Stape hosts a weekly trek into sci-fi & Star Trek. Listen Long & Prosper!

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You've seen Andy McPhee in many feature films & TV shows. He's a native of Australia, but he's been busy here acting in Hollywood for three years now. Andy loves motorcycles, and his dream was to be invited onto Sons Of Anarchy as a... more

Star Trek was one of the first TV shows to deal in concepts of ghosts ESP. Enterprise had a psychic - Vulcan science officer Mr. Spock. Spock, though half human, could mind meld with aliens or sense "danger" when Vulcans were... more

NOTE: A glitch mutes out first 3 mins of show. Danger, Will Robinson! He's the most famous, beloved robot in all of sci-fi! Don't tell that to Robby The Robot or R2D2! Mike Joyce of B9 Creations enters Deep Space to talk about how he's... more

Star Trek gadgets are the envy of the galaxy. Captain Kirk's Enterprise had phasers, tricorders and communicators. The Romulans had cloaking devices. Apple is releasing their iPad soon the Star Trek like device to surf the web.... more

You've seen comedian Matt McCarthy on tons of Verizon television commericals as a cable guy who can't get a break. McCarthy appears in scores of other TV ads, and has appeared in Comedy Central specials. In a pre-recorded chat... more

Andrew Koenig, the son of Walter Koenig who played Chekov on original Star Trek, took his own life recently. Andrew Koenig was best known from playing Boner on the hit sitcom Growing Pains. This is a simple tribute show about... more

There's Twitter, Facebook and Buzz from Google. William Shatner - Captain Kirk himself - wants you to join his science fiction social site called My Outer Space.com. Here, sci-fi fans, Star Trek fans and even horror fans all come... more

Star Trek news blasts by at warp speed! William Shatner's new social network site for sci-fi fans - My Outer Space - a new Star Trek exhibit and news about Cryptic's online Star Trek game.

News and views regarding Star Trek - including latest news about Andrew Koenig, the son of Walter Koenig who played Chekov on Star Trek. Star Trek online and Apple's iPad is also discussed.
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