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"The Dedan Tolbert Show" airs 7 nights a week at 9:00pm EST and is hosted by Relationship Counselor, Award-Winning Author and Advice Columnist, Dedan Tolbert. For more information on Dedan Tolbert, please visit www.TRCToday.com or call the toll free "Ask Dedan" Advice Hotline at 855-55-DEDAN.

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As we approach the one year anniversary of the Boston Bombings, for many, there are still tons of unanswered questions about why this tragedy happened and who was ultimately responsible. If you missed last year's 3 hour... more

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Did you miss last month's special on ?Gun Violence in the Black Community?, where we discussed the two year anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin, Black on black crime, new gun laws, stop and frisk, and many other issues... more

Meet someone, fall in 'love', argue, break up, have SEX, get back together...and then do it all over again...and again...and again. If you've ever tried to leave a toxic, dead end, non committal relationship that clearly wasn't of God...tune into... more

Unfortunately, rapper ?The Game? is currently under investigation for allegedly assaulting the mother of his children, Tiffany Cambridge resulting in a broken jaw and fractured eye socket. If you missed last year's special on ?Marrying the... more

Once being viewed as taboo... in 2014, Interracial Dating has become socially acceptable and in many parts of the black community, the preferred method of dating and finding love. Tune into "The BEST of The Dedan Tolbert Show"... more

Did you miss the LIVE return of ?Ask Dedan Advice Hour?, where we discussed many topics, including: Bill O'Reily exposing Beyonce as a fake rolemodel, teen pregnancy in the black community, spring fashion do's and don'ts, Open... more

"The Dedan Tolbert Show is hosted by Award winning Author, Relationship Counselor & Advice Columnist, Dedan Tolbert and airs 7 nights a week at DedanTolbert.com. For relationship advice or to schedule a private one on one... more

In today's society, many woman have achieved physical, financial, educational, and career success but the Bible teaches us that it takes much more to be considered a TRUE woman of God. Tune into ?The Best of The Dedan Tolbert... more

Whether it's casual sex, friends with benefits, adultery, threesomes/trains, orgies, homosexuality, or any other form of sexual immorality…The Bible is crystal clear about how God feels about sex outside of marriage. Tune into... more

At the end of the day, every young girl dreams of one day walking down the aisle in a beautiful dress and becoming the wife of the man of their dreams…Unfortunately, society has given women a very false idea of the... more

Since the Philadelphia Eagles made the controversial decision to cut Desean Jackson, the nation has been forced to take an in depth look at both gang life and race relations in the NFL. ?The Dedan Tolbert Show? returns LIVE TONIGHT... more
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