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"The Dedan Tolbert Show" airs 7 nights a week at 9:00pm EST and is hosted by Relationship Counselor, Award-Winning Author and Advice Columnist, Dedan Tolbert. For more information on Dedan Tolbert, please visit or call the toll free "Ask Dedan" Advice Hotline at 855-55-DEDAN.

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"The Dedan Tolbert Show is hosted by Award winning Author, Relationship Counselor & Advice Columnist, Dedan Tolbert and airs 7 nights a week at For relationship advice or to schedule a private one on one counseling session, send an email to or visit
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Ladies, have you ever wondered if the man of your dreams finds you sexy? Tonight on Barbershop Talk Tuesdays, we're going to be discussing exactly what Elite men look for in a woman when it comes to looks as well as what turns... more

Tune into "The Dedan Tolbert Show" TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST as we answer the question of whether or not a Ho can be turned into a housewife. Many women have very promiscuous pasts and want to hear how Elite men feel on this topic.... more

Tune into the realest night of the week on the realest show in the world. Tonight is Keeping It Real Fridays on "The Dedan Tolbert Show", where we'll be discussing women who want to leave bad relationships but can't because they're so... more

If you're a new listener and missed one of my greatest shows of all time, tonight I'll be rebroadcasting Part II of my special on why so many successful black women are single.

Tune into Beauty Shop Talk Tuesdays TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST. We'll be discussing how many African American women are TOO independent and how their "I don't need a man" attitude is a huge turnoff to Elite men. Feel free to call... more

"He'll have sex with me...But won't commit"... TONIGHT on a 3 hour edition of Barbershop Talk Tuesdays on "The Dedan Tolbert Show"!!! If you can't figure out why men only want you for sex & what you may be doing wrong, listen to how... more

Tune into "Ask Dedan Advice Mondays" on The Dedan Tolbert Show TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST. We'll be answering several of YOUR advice questions including one from a woman whose husband wont wear his wedding ring. Send your... more

Tune into a special live 3 hour edition of “Keeping it Real Fridays” for one of my most controversial shows ever. Tonight, we’ll be discussing why Steve Harvey and Zane need to write a book together on how to destroy the black community and... more

"The Dedan Tolbert Show" is hosted by award-winning author, advice columnist and founder of TB&D Enterprises, LLC...Dedan Tolbert and recently won the AAMBC Award for Best Talk Show at their 2010 national conference. In addition... more

Tune into Beauty Shop Talk Wednesdays TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST. We’ll be discussing black men who prefer dating white women and why. We’ll also be discussing Interracial dating as a whole. If you feel passionately about this... more
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