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Gold: The Bible, the Buyer, and the Business

  • Broadcast in Finance



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Bling, bling. We are talking Gold and Silver.  That shiny, valuable thing that humans have seen as a symbol of wealth from the beginning of time - now makes it way in the hands of ordinary people with an extraordinary desire for lifestyle upgrades and personal prosperity. 

Gold and silver cannot be manufactured in a lab, nor created from a printing press.  Gold and silver have been around from the beginning of time and has been a sacred offering, a storage of wealth, and an exchange of value - and that has not changed even today.  What has changed is the public appreciation for precious metals.  

The general population, or the masses, have been trained to see gold and silver as simply jewelry and decoration, paying up to 300 times the value of the gold and silver in their trinkets, simply because they have been trained to do so.  Meanwhile, the wealth was being corralled into the hands of a tiny minority while the masses blindly hand over their wealth to the wealthy, without knowing that they are doing so.

Be part of a movement of people who appreciate and value gold and silver for itself.  We are convinced about gold and silver as an asset and as a way to hold and accumulate wealth.  On top of that, we see the signs of the times.  We see that cash no longer holds its place as king in society, we see that what cash can buy is dwindling away buying less and less each day as the government prints more and more of it creating massive devaluation and reduced purchasing power.

Today I am going to look at precious metals, the Bible, the Buyer and the business - because these are the three main areas of precious metal uses in society today.