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Profitable Stewardship Creates Debt-Free Wealth


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I TEACH BIBLICAL STRATEGIES OF STEWARDSHIP: MONEY, RESOURCES, TIME & THE BODY. I do this with the hope to encourage you to change or improve for the better, because PROSPERITY IS NOT PROMISED BUT IT IS WITHIN REACH.. Profitable Stewardship leads to Debt-Free Wealth and the ability to contribute generously beyond ourselves. An UNAPOLOGETIC Christian perspective. I teach Biblical Financial Strategies to Christian income earners moving them to become Profitable Stewards who enjoy debt-free wealth. It is my goal to help them earn more at what they do, acquire the upgrade to the things they enjoy now, and become profitable stewards who enjoy debt-free wealth because they embrace the Bible as a practical, relevant guide to success. We make no apology for our Christian foundation. You have the right to tune out just as much as we have the right and freedom to create the content. I approach each show with the mindset that I am of the caliber of Oprah or Bill O'Reily - in other words, this is my way of delivering high value at high standards to my listening audience. Our RISING STARS segment features the Movers & Shakers in their niche who are providing massive value to those they serve and are building raving fans along the way. RISING STARS goes behind the scenes to showcase the driving force of their passion and success. If you would like to appear on Debt Free Wealth RADIO, or my RISING STARS segment of this show, please see my policy sheet at http://DebtFreeWealthRadio.com for more info.

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The fastest way out of debt is not doing without and cutting back. These are solid strategies for sure, but these are not the fastest way out of debt. The fastest way out of debt is to make more money, and selling insurance is a fantastic way to... more

Working HARD and working LONG HOURS with very little personal gain to show for it is an excellent definition of SLAVERY. Yet, so many sign-up for that option daily, and they do so voluntarily. The longer these people stay in those jobs, the... more

15+ pounds extra and you are clueless to how it happened and when. It seems like you woke up one day fatter than you remember yourself. Before you go crazy trying to figure out how? Let me ask you... did you have a recent major life... more

Want more money? Start looking over your spending habits for leaks and plug those holes. Want a puppy? On your next apartment search, rule out all the properties that do not allow pets Want to become a cosmetologist? While you... more

NAKED, ignored posts is the entrepreneur's challenge. Zero likes or comments, post after post suggests there is zero reason to look at the post, or worst, the page. Human tendency is to avoid being the first to do anything, while the herd... more

Life Gave you Lemons? Make a Lemon Cocktail! Creating your own opportunity

If you have ever wished to be on TV or in a movie on the big screen, this show is for you. People who lived outside of Los Angeles seem especially interested in coming to Hollywood to check out the possibilities of working and rubbing... more

How to get family, friends, co-workers and colleagues to respect your work time, as an entrepreneur and GET MORE STUFF DONE! This checklist assumes you have a life outside of work, or that you intend to have one. Family, friends,... more

CLEAN UP YOUR ACT! https://youtu.be/M5GkTkIXufQ 2 Corinthians 7:1 "Therefore, my dear friends, since we have these promises, let us purify ourselves from everything that can defile either body or spirit, and strive to be completely... more

Fooled by the display? Don't be! This show is for those who know there is much behind the masks. Lifestyle posts of recent purchases, trips, cars or mansions are designed to trigger jealousy and desire that drive people to pursue money. The... more
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