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A Money Education outreach inspiring, informing and igniting working aged adults to enjoy lifestyle upgrades the debt free wealth way. Some topics may have a Christian basis to it. We make NO APOLOGY for our Christian foundation. You have the right to tune out just as much as we have the right and freedom to create the content. I approach each show with the mindset that I am of the caliber of Oprah or Bill O'Reily - in other words, this is my way of delivering high value at high standards to my listening audience. Our RISING STARS segment features the Movers & Shakers in their niche who are providing massive value to those they serve and are building raving fans along the way. RISING STARS goes behind the scenes to showcase the driving force of their passion and success. If you would like to appear on Debt Free Wealth RADIO, or my RISING STARS segment of this show, please see my policy sheet at for more info.

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Making what you earn go further is not an easy task, but if you are determined to enjoy some of life's finer options, then you may want to listen up. There are strategies to stretch your disposable income to cover more of the perks of life.... more

Real Estate investing is a strategy many use to build a nest egg. While many properties are still upside down, and some are being bought at pennies on the dollar, finding and keeping tenants is the next issue in the line of ensuring the... more

CASHercise (TM) is a word I coined. As it suggests, it is exercise for to make your money go further; do more. I have come to realize that it is less about how much you make, and more about how much you have available for lifestyle upgrades... more

Life, health, long-term care, property, business, liability: These are just some of the types of insurance out there. No question, it is an expensive monthly commitment that many feel angry to pay, and some just decide not to, and... more

A Waitress's Guide to Spirituality is a new book by Michelle Akda, about finding meaning and Spirit in your life regardless of your job title! Michelle Akda has been a waitress for over 20 years. She has also been on a Spiritual journey... more

New shoppers/owners (residential or commercial) of pre-existing property, those who own investment property, and those considering the adventure of earning income from property maintenance will find this show of value. Cashflow from... more

The 'shoot and see what sticks' approach, truly does not work. New Network Marketers are often told, "it's a numbers game", and are sent out to introduce as many people as they can to their opportunity. This single training is the... more

Video has the power to warm up a cold market and bring in new leads, new prospects and new customers. I know this because it is happening for me. I am a work-from-home mom who home-schools my 11 year old, and I have a... more

The Trend is your friend. Charts. Breaking News. Financial Data. Fundamentals. The Bulls and the Bears. Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes with all the information out there? How do you make profitable financial decisions with all... more

Forex, or currency trading, is becoming more popular among novice investors; and rightly so. Many already play the Futures market from the privacy of their homes, and forex trading is gaining and in some cases overtaking in popularity... more
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