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An UNAPOLOGETIC Christian perspective on ALL THINGS MONEY; helping breadwinners enjoy lifestyle upgrades the debt free wealth way. We make no apology for our Christian foundation. You have the right to tune out just as much as we have the right and freedom to create the content. I approach each show with the mindset that I am of the caliber of Oprah or Bill O'Reily - in other words, this is my way of delivering high value at high standards to my listening audience. Our RISING STARS segment features the Movers & Shakers in their niche who are providing massive value to those they serve and are building raving fans along the way. RISING STARS goes behind the scenes to showcase the driving force of their passion and success. If you would like to appear on Debt Free Wealth RADIO, or my RISING STARS segment of this show, please see my policy sheet at for more info.

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WARNING!!! This content will be touch on the current Obama immigration concept and Isreal. CONTROVERSIAL CONTENT! As a Jamaican born, nationalized citizen of the USA, I had to learn some key historic moments in order to sit and... more

Having a website is a start, but it is not all there is to having an online, or digital presence. My special guest, Alex Rodriguez is the author of Digital Bacon, and a a Creative Strategist who develops high end digital marketing campaigns for... more

Hebrew 6:7-8 "For the land that soaks up frequent rains and then brings forth a crop useful to its owners receives a blessing from God; but if it keeps producing thorns and thistles, it fails the test and is close to being cursed; in the end, it will... more

Whether or not you believe being a Christian entitles you to prosperity or not, being a Christian can be very profitable to your bottom line. Two workshops to help you realize this as your reality: 1. RELEASED TODAY!!! Back to the Bible.... more

Ooooh look! Shiny! I want this! Oh this looks good! Oooh ooooh, money over here. Money over there. Come see this! Fanatastic deal here. Are you overwhelmed yet? If not, you eventually will be. Too many entrepreneurs seem... more

Does God really provide? Does God really take care of those who serve Him? The Benecke family believes that to the point where, they have put all their eggs in God's basket. Many missionaries around the world finance their family... more

This show may contain CONTROVERSIAL content. This show is for CHRISTIANS and may require some maturity in the faith to listen with discerning ears. I am no Theologian. I am simply sharing my take-away. POLITE Debate is encouraged,... more

"When it comes to money, people have to progress from "Who's going to help me?" and through "I've got to help myself" onto "I've got to help others". It's in helping and serving others through your jobs and businesses that you'll prosper... more

Vacations have the ability to create the mood for romance and sex. That is why couples plan romantic get-aways, and newly weds go on honeymoons. The right environment, somewhere other than home hightens the likelyhood of more and... more

There are few things in life so sure as death and taxes. If you are reading this, we can safely establish that you are not dead; so let's talk taxes! Come January 2015, right after we have splurged on the holidays, now comes the... more
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