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Profitable Stewardship Creates Debt-Free Wealth


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I TEACH BIBLICAL STRATEGIES OF STEWARDSHIP: MONEY, RESOURCES, TIME & THE BODY. I do this with the hope to encourage you to change or improve for the better, because PROSPERITY IS NOT PROMISED BUT IT IS WITHIN REACH.. Profitable Stewardship leads to Debt-Free Wealth and the ability to contribute generously beyond ourselves. An UNAPOLOGETIC Christian perspective. I teach Biblical Financial Strategies to Christian income earners moving them to become Profitable Stewards who enjoy debt-free wealth. It is my goal to help them earn more at what they do, acquire the upgrade to the things they enjoy now, and become profitable stewards who enjoy debt-free wealth because they embrace the Bible as a practical, relevant guide to success. We make no apology for our Christian foundation. You have the right to tune out just as much as we have the right and freedom to create the content. I approach each show with the mindset that I am of the caliber of Oprah or Bill O'Reily - in other words, this is my way of delivering high value at high standards to my listening audience. Our RISING STARS segment features the Movers & Shakers in their niche who are providing massive value to those they serve and are building raving fans along the way. RISING STARS goes behind the scenes to showcase the driving force of their passion and success. If you would like to appear on Debt Free Wealth RADIO, or my RISING STARS segment of this show, please see my policy sheet at http://DebtFreeWealthRadio.com for more info.

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Christian entrepreneurs sometimes have a love/hate relationship with PROFIT! Jesus came into a poor family, never owned any property, and was buried in a borrowed tomb. Does that mean that Christians should be poor too? Many assume that following Jesus means being poor. Do you agree with that? This is the reason many Christians select to start NON-PROFIT organizations. There seems to be some stigma with profit that if they earn it they feel compelled to give it away and remain personally poor. This conversation will be a SERIES! So we will stick to this portion of the conversation in this show. The other scheduled topics coming up in this series are: The Bible says we cannot serve God and Money. If we pursue prosperity, does this mean we serve money? Running a business has challenges and learning curves, and many of it is difficult and sometimes does not work out as planned. Does your faith help you in times like these? How? Direct Sales & MLMs often get lumped with the illegal concept of Ponzi or Pyramid schemes. To make it worse, even good companies have rogue Representatives that do unethical things. How can we as Christians help to lift the Network Marketing Profession through our work? We are Christians first before we are entrepreneurs. In our companies, and on our teams there is quite a bit of entrepreneurial training to help us grow our business. Do you feel there is enough faith-based leadership support for us to grow as champions and examples of what an "abundant life" looks like? If you are a Christian in Network Marketing or Direct Sales, join our Facebook Group. The focus of our group is to encourage and support Christians to be BOLD in their faith.
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