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Proud to be a Top 100 Small Business Podcast 2013, Top 20 Small Business Women to Follow on Twitter 2013, Top 300 Host on BlogTalkRadio 2013, Top 100 Small Business Champion 2012. Since 2009, my Metropolis Radio is where community, connections and conversations happen each week! We feature authors, entrepreneurs, business professionals, journalists, musicians, bands who share the latest information, trends and resources on small business, careers, social media, branding and marketing! We bring you inspiring people who share their stories and ideas for success! My new book #trusthewhy Fundamentals, Values and Humor Gets You Through Anything will be out soon. Contact me at to be a guest or sponsor our show!

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I will be broadcasting live from Icon14 in Phoeniz, with special guests, updates, tips and news for small business from some of the inspired speakers, attendees and presenters!
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