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Deborah Shane

Deborah Shane

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Michelle Pippin says: "my grandad can’t get over the fact that people pay me to talk to them". I keep telling him there’s a little more to it than that.

If I had my way, my “official” title would be “Queen of ALL things Practical and Profitable”... and I would never be called a coach… although I suppose there are worst things I could be called, like:

Relentless. I am relentlessly committed to a “NO excuses. JUST results.” mentality. I demand it of myself. And my clients. (Quick note: I believe this serves as “fair warning”.)
A Little “Off”. Off the beaten path for sure… The analogies and stories you’ll hear from me, I GUARANTEE you’ll never hear anywhere else. I don’t think, talk, or write like anyone else you know. But, I usually have a point.

She has been featured on ABC's Good Morning America and Women for Hire with Tory Johnson, The Hampton Business Journal and Main Street Magazine.

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