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Deborah Nazemi

Knight Light with Deborah Nazemi


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NEW FORMAT: This show is now in podcast only format, and will not be doing regular live episodes. The episodes will be uploaded on Sunday or Monday of each week. You will feel refreshed and awakened when you listen to Knight Light. A show about real issues, Deborah and her guests prophetically relate world and national trends and events to what is happening in God's kingdom, and advise us about how we can be better aligned with His will and purpose for our lives. There will be conversations about freedom, terrorism, global economy, the shift towards secularism in the church, the mandate for Christians, how to become kingdom minded, and so much more. America and the world are on red alert, as one crisis after another unfolds daily. It can be frightening and confusing if you don’t see the world from God’s kingdom perspective. What is He saying to us? What can we expect to happen in America, and throughout the world in the coming years? What is our part? Do we prepare survival kits and hope to survive impending holocaust? Do we expectantly await rapture? Is this the end of the world as we know it? Or is there a divine answer that will give us peace and hope in the midst of the darkness that is swirling around us? Through the prophetic, prayer for the sick, and discussions of the supernatural God-encounters of prophets, ministers, pastors, and governmental leaders worldwide, Knight Light will lead you into the glorious presence of God. Host, Deborah Nazemi, and her guests will discuss and explore what God is saying about intimacy, revival, awakening; and the world-changing impact God can have through a few people who have been set on fire.

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Have you considered that America has a destiny? American history books have left out a lot of truth about our early settlers and Founding Fathers. In preparing to write the book, Red Alert America, Sound the Alarm!, Deborah Nazemi... more

The Kingdom of God is like a treasure hidden in a field... There are many things about the Kingdom of God that we can learn from the parables. Jesus taught the value of the Kingdom of God, and what Kingdom living really means. Join... more

Join Deborah Nazemi and Dr. John A. Woods as they discuss the fulfillment and anointing that comes from just spending time in the presence of the Lord and being still and quiet.

What is the Kingdom of God, and are we aligned with God's kingdom purposes the way that we are supposed to be? How do we align ourselves with it? What does it mean to be kingdom-minded? Alignment is part I of the series, Let Your... more

We are about to gather in the harvest of the seed we have sown over the years. For years we have been making deposits into our heavenly bank account, and that has accumulated. In this episode, we will discuss what God has to say... more

Revival seems to be an elusive thing. We pray for it, hope for it… But how do we get it? In a previous episode, we talked about getting into position for what God is getting ready to do. Is revival going to happen in America? What would... more

Can Women Lead Us Into Revival? Throughout the generations, women have not been taken seriously in many ministry circles. They have often been relegated to church functions that do not include preaching and evangelism, regardless of... more

A Great Awakening is Coming! Many of us are expecting another Great Awakening and praying for revival, but what does that really mean? What is an awakening, and how do you know that you are one of those who is awake? A... more

There is so much emotional healing needed in the body of Christ. People carry baggage from childhood and beyond, never really being equipped to receive the healing and freedom that Jesus offers. It is God's people, especially the leaders... more
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