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Theres a U in Success

There's a U in Success!


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YOU and YOUR definition of Success - that's what matters. Let's talk about the Elements of Success - Confidence, Communication, Attitude, Changes, Goals, and Leadership - and how you can apply them...today...right now...and achieve that life of your dreams! Featuring KICKs - weekly wallops of wit and wisdom - and monthly interviews with successful people sharing their stories and tips for success.

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Can't get away from work? Seems impossible to take a break right now? The second best thing is right at your fingertips, or actually at the tips of your mind's neurons. By conjuring up some mental visions of where you'd rather be, and adding the feelings and smells and sounds, it's almost like you're there! Listen in for some tips on capturing that vacation feelin' anytime you need a little relaxing break.
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What did I come out here for? Why did I come in here? Who just called me and what DID I have for breakfast? It's frustrating to not have the answers and most times it's due to all that multi-tasking we've undertaken. NOT necessary! Let's try... more

We're all in this thing called Life together, so when you need help or advice, isn't it good to know there are people who care and have a shoulder you can lean on? Wait - you haven't asked them for help? You're trying to go it alone? Time to... more

Join me for a lively discussion with Kim Andrews, President, Career Consultant and Coach at EnVision Career Design. Kim will share what success factors have played a part in her own success journey, as well as what has positively affected... more

Are you taking time each day to notice what's happening right outside your window? Nature is doing its thing without any help from we humans! All by itself! Imagine that! Easily, effortlessly, naturally. What about you? Are you moving... more

No news flash here: We live in a digital world where we can text, email,and ping people to get our message out as quickly as possible. But here's what we forget in our fast paced lives: Did they get it?... read it?... understand it?... act upon... more

Persistence. Tenacity. Stick to-it-iveness. Those traits that keep us moving toward our dreams. Think you have insurmountable obstacles standing in the way of reaching yours? Really? Change your thinking and change your plan about how... more

Join me for a lively discussion with my guest, Rev. Sharon Wylie of Chalice Unitarian Universalist church in Escondido, CA. She'll share success tips she's gathered along her journey from retail sales to construction project manager to... more

Ahhh...baseball season... change ups and curveballs! Other terms for that thing that's gonna happen whether you like it or not...with or without your consent or prior knowledge - Change. So, how do you handle it? with grace and ease?... more

What is that thing you do...like no one else? What's your unique-ness, your talent, strength or gift that people recognize you for? There's something. Your job: to find it, uncover it, dust it off and share it with the rest of us! The world is a... more

Ever catch yourself waiting for it - that "other" shoe...to drop? Things get going so well, then fear and apprehension creep in and we thnk it's all too good to be true. When we remember that we always have a choice at that veritble smorgasboard... more