Theres a U in Success

There's a U in Success!


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YOU and YOUR definition of Success - that's what matters. Let's talk about the Elements of Success - Confidence, Communication, Attitude, Changes, Goals, and Leadership - and how you can apply now...and achieve that life of your dreams! Featuring KICKs - weekly wallops of wit and wisdom.

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Who's the ONE person that will be with you through thick and thin, there until the very end? YOU! You must be your very own best friend forever. So let me ask you: How are you treating this BFF? As kindly and patiently as you do your other friends, or even acquaintances? Time for a little more self care and self respect? It's never too late and there are many small things you can do to take better care of this very special BFF. Tune in to this episode and get some reminders.
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Ever find yourself in one of these ping-pong conversations where one of you is not willing to just accept the thanks being given? What's so hard about that? it can be difficult for many of us. Tune in and hear some words to use and... more

Another wrinkle? Another spot? Another year passing by? Don't worry, there really are gifts to growing older! Wisdom, acceptance, focus and more. Tune in to hear what makes you better and better with each passing year! There's a U... more

WE create our own limits and WE hold ourselves back from living the lives we truly desire. Hard to believe that we do this to ourselves, huh? It's all in our thinking and believing old tapes. Tune in to this episode and hear tips on erasing... more

The words you say are powerful. They can make you and your listeners feel good, uplifted or down and upset.Pay attention to what you're saying and notice the feelings that follow. Don't you want to hang around people whose words are... more

Don't hold out on us ANY more!! We want to see and hear and experience the REAL YOU! Live your life to its fullest, exclaiming and laughing and boldly stepping out of your comfort zone! Follow your heart and share your true... more

How's the view over there? Seeing clearly, joyfully, and with lots of positive expectation? Or is it kinda gray and murky and boring? Tune in to this episode for reasons to see the good all around you and ways to think differently about those... more

Will the world stop spinning and business falter if you take even a day off? I doubt it, but I sure did act as if it would back in the day. Taking life too seriously prevents us from enjoying the journey and all the enriching little stuff that shows... more

When you last said "YES", did you really wish you'd said "NO"? Sometimes, we forget our own plans, let someone else's take priority and end up feeling obligated. Ugh. Hate that! Tune in for this little KICK message and get a boost -... more

How are you feeling about yourself right there, right now? Pretty confident and sure of the ol' self? Good! That's key to your success. After all, if you don't believe in yourself and your talents and skills, how will anyone else? There are those... more

Hey little bird, isn't it time you leave the nest of your comfort zone and get out there on the skinny branches? That's where the good stuff is, the stuff that takes a little risk to get to, that challenges us to grow. Come on! Take the first little step... more