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Theres a U in Success

There's a U in Success!


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YOU and YOUR definition of Success - that's what matters. Let's talk about the Elements of Success - Confidence, Communication, Attitude, Changes, Goals, and Leadership - and how you can apply them...today...right now...and achieve that life of your dreams! Featuring KICKs - weekly wallops of wit and wisdom - and monthly interviews with successful people sharing their stories and tips for success.

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Ahhh...baseball season... change ups and curveballs! Other terms for that thing that's gonna happen whether you like it or not...with or without your consent or prior knowledge - Change. So, how do you handle it? with grace and ease? with stress and hissy fits? The only thing we can control about it is our response to it. Tune in and hear some ideas on handling it with more grace and less hissies.
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What is that thing you do...like no one else? What's your unique-ness, your talent, strength or gift that people recognize you for? There's something. Your job: to find it, uncover it, dust it off and share it with the rest of us! The world is a... more

Ever catch yourself waiting for it - that "other" shoe...to drop? Things get going so well, then fear and apprehension creep in and we thnk it's all too good to be true. When we remember that we always have a choice at that veritble smorgasboard... more

Join me for the second installment of this new feature on There's a U in Success - guests who discuss their own roads to success and share tips with the rest of us! Judith Balian, President and Chief Creative Officer of Excoveries, located in... more

It's called "the best medicine" and costs you nothing at all, doesn't require a prescription,and you can have as much as you want. What's this magic pill?? Laughter! Mark Twain said "He who laughs, lasts." The simple act of laughing... more

"Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment." Philosopher Thomas Carlyle said that way back when and it still holds true, don't you think? Don't you feel fabulous after knocking out one of those projects or goals you've... more

They say hindsight is 20/20. What would you say to the younger you? That's easy - we would advise to not make some of those mistakes and wrong turns! Now, what if you could fast forward many years and give advice to yourself right... more

Join me for this new feature of There's a U in Success - guests who discuss their own roads to success and tips for the rest of us! Barbara Eldridge, Founder/President of Mind Masters, located in San Diego, CA, will share what... more

Alice in Wonderland was a little pessimistic. She said "There's no use trying, one can't believe impossible things." The Queen told her otherwise... Turning "unlikelies" into realities, turning "impossibilities" into possibles. It happens all the... more

You are unique, one-of-a-kind, special. There's no one, NO ONE, exactly like you anywhere on the planet! You're kind of a big deal, really. AND you should be proud of what you bring to the world - your own perspective, opinion, and way of... more

Is life to be "figured out"? or is life to be lived "in the flow"? Sure there are things we can and must do some figuring on, however, there are many more opportunities than we think that don't require pen, paper, spreadsheet, computer... more