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This is a platform for debate about various topics. No need for a masters or PHD to have a great debate. Topics we debate on are world events, religion, politics, etc. Again this show is for the common person who does research to debate on multiple issues. It's time to embrace debate. Get your pen and pad ready. Email me at ="text/javascript" src="">>

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Host - Sal Showtime Call in alternative # (646)-716-7320 Before the official debate on April 5 at 7 PM est I will have a discussion with Carl Albert lead teacher of Israel Doctrine and Brother Judah lead teacher from Knesset of... more

Are the Jews in Israel the true hebrews? Brother William challenge Brother Antwan representing Absolute Bible Truth on this topic. You don't want to miss this episode of Debate Friday's. Get your pen and pads ready.

Are you struggling to live right? Do you find yourself always falling short through addictions, lust of the flesh, ego, etc? My special guest Stanley Sylvain (leader of Sin No More Ministries) will bring forth a lesson to the DT4U listening... more

Host - Sal Showtime Call and speak to the host (646)-716-7320 On this episode of DT4U my special guest Dawn who you can find on youtube channel Whatdawndidinheels and Lavar Maben from Absolute Bible Truth will be... more

On this episode of DT4U my special guest Minister De'Aundrey Founder and teacher at Disciples of Christ Bible Ministries, Inc. will tell the listening audience exactly who is Melchizedek. There is alot of misconceptions about the role of... more

Host - Sal Showtime Call in Alternative # 646-716-7320 On this episode of DT4U Rahim Ali (Islam) wants to enter the lions den and debate Carl Albert (Israelite) on the topic "Is Jesus GOD." Islam vs Israel. Get your pen and pad ready.... more

My special guest Tazadaq Bey and Eliyah will be giving the DT4U listening audience clarity on Understanding the System?... more

Are we saved by grace alone or by the laws of GOD? My special guest G-Man founder of Preaching to the Choir Ministries has put out a video challenging any Hebrew Israelite to a debate on this topic. LaVar Maben representing Absolute... more

On this episode of Debate Talk 4 U we discuss some of the things that going on with our food today. Special guest Minister Enqi & Dr. Ali Muhammad will give the DT4U listening audience a breakdown about our food intake. What foods should... more

Find out how the devil can use others to deceive you. Special guest Brother Josh leader of Absolute Bible Truth will bring forth a lesson about how the devil operates. The phone lines will be open for questions, suggestions, and... more
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