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This is a platform for debate about various topics. No need for a masters or PHD to have a great debate. Topics we debate on are world events, religion, politics, etc. Again this show is for the common person who does research to debate on multiple issues. It's time to embrace debate. Get your pen and pad ready. Email me at ="text/javascript" src="">>

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LaRon Campbell AKA "G. Konsciousness" vs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Garfield Reid
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Do you have full understanding about what we should do on the passover? Special guest Carl Albert from Israel Doctrine will share his lesson to the DT4U listening audience on the passover. The phone lines will be open for questions,... more

Is Satan real? Why is Satan allowed to run ramped in the world? My special guest Elisha representing Israel Teach will expose Satan's agenda? The phone lines will be open for questions, suggestions, and comments.... more

Boston Blue representing Knesset Of Jesus vs Brother Josh leader of Absolute Bible Truth.Boston BlueCheck out the teachings from Knesset of Jesus at Tune in Sunday at 1 PM and Tuesdays at 8... more

Have you been wondering why our people are always getting caught up doing some ratchet stuff to one another? My special guest Phil has a show called "The Advise Show" in which he address most of the issues that affect us as a people... more

Have you ever wondered about the food and medicine we put in our bodies? Is there a hidden agenda when it comes to some of the foods we eat? Is the water we drink safe? My special guest Mrs. Vera will reveal to the listening audience... more

Zadok BenIsrael vs Brother Josh. Go to and vote for who won the DEBATE. Zadok BenIsrael has been teaching for ten years and studying for 19... more

Join the group. Share your questions, suggestions, and comments at On this episode of D.T.4.U SEASON 2 my special guest Elisha from Israel Teach speaks about the... more

What is the state of the young black people of today? Are we a more unified people today? Will we as a people ever come together for a common cause? On this episode of DT4U my special guest Jason Black representing... more

Join the group. Cast your votes and spread the word about DT4U at On this episode of D.T.4.U SEASON 2 we focus on the music world. Is there something going on behind... more

Do you believe Satan is a super spiritual bein that is the master of all evil? My special guest Jim Brayshaw will try to persuade the listening audience that Satan is nothing more than a thought in our minds. Jim Brayshaw says he believes... more
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