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Strange Fire Pledge to Flag of GW Lucifer is Idolatry.

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Deb Krekic

Deb Krekic


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The Flag of the United States is a Spiritual Weapon deceiving the world. Pledging allegiance to it is taking an oath and  being born again into his beast kingdom. It is a plague and a curse upon the unsuspecting.The Number 23 and the  Secret Significance of Pledging your Allegiance to Lucifer George Washington The Most Worshipful Master of the Universe. Lucifer is a false god, leading you along the way, where truth is cast down, to a place prepared in advance for you to be. Death. Welcome to his, NWO Government, of peace and in-security, on the broad road leading to destruction.The Flag of the United States represents  13 stripes. 7 Red/ blood +6 white/Spirit =13. Doubled = 23 13 meaning REBELLION and 13 meaning a NEW BIRTH =  23
 A NEW CONSTELLATION Birth!  As above so below, a Masonic War in Heaven with you. America as the slaves. A new constellation was and is their stated goal. Declared in the Our Flag Congressional Book.There are only 12 known constellations in this galaxy. Not 13, even though a "new" constellation called by the name, Ophiuchus “serpent-bearer” has been said to exist.  Men and stars are inter-related. Stars above, men below. There  were only 12 known apostles recorded, not 13.  Washington is not our God or our Messiah. He is a rebel 13. A number which can represent both rebirth and rebellion.

Guest:Dennis David Fisher the 13th disciple joins us to help explain the hidden hard truths.
Church Hill Downs Twin Spires reveal the corrupt now exposed shadow government operating as a sovereign nation from the underground realm of the occult. Stealing, killing and destroying.
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