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The State of Hackers Today

  • Broadcast in Technology



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Many people see hackers in a different light than they used to. In the early 1970-80 and even into the 90s being a hacker was a good thing. It meant to re-build or re-design something, you take it apart and make it better.

Sadly today many people have a twisted view on what a hacker is, this is nearly 60% the fault of the media, the other 40% is the fault of script kiddies and so-called hacker groups such as 'anonymous' and no 'lulzsec' I hate these groups so very much I cannot stand it, this is because not only do they cause harm to others they cause harm to the word 'hacker'.

The fact is every computer profesional is a hacker, every hobbyist of any kind really. If you change something to make it work better or in a way it wasn't meant to be you are a hacker.

I would like to talk with our listeners about hackers, and what they really are. we'll touch on the points of xbox modding, and piracy, anonymous, and lulzsec.. as well as the average script kiddie.

I will also be sure to point out other true hackers that are for free expresion and creation and although calling themselves hackers, they do not harm other users. You'll just have to tune in to understand.