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Death By DVD

Death By DVD


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Death By DVD: When renting is never enough. We here at Death By DVD sit painfully through hours and hours of movies so you, the public, can make an informed decision of what you put in your ear holes and eye holes. Some of these films are good, some bad, and some even unmentionable; but ALL have one thing in common: Watching all of these movies will one day melt our brains into a sloppy wet mush. No need to thank us, we were already methodically destroying ourselves with cinema. At least this way there is a permanent record of our demise. As the midnight hour approaches, the smoke sets heavy, and the alcohol begins to flow like blood; tune in and drop through hell with your hosts Hank S. and I. Alexander Nash, as we take you on a journey through the worlds of horror, gore, cult, strange, slashers, psychotronic, trash, twisted, gornography, weird, drive-in, cheesy, lost, rare, and frightening films. Join us and listen as two lives collapse on themselves.

On-Demand Episodes

Finally a Tarantino review. Hank brings you his official review of the hateful 8

Let me fill your personal Netflix queue....that sounded rude. I don't mean fill, I mean stuff...no....jam....NO! I mean....let me start over. This week let me penetrate your Netflix orifice and blow my movie load. Post up for a weekend with me and... more

Hank and Nash discuss Cronenberg, Burroughs and the 1991 film Naked Lunch. So, destroy all rational thought and tune in. Dig?

Another week, a ton of new titles for your eye holes

Hank returns to discuss Cronenbergs 2012 film Cosmopolis, and the spectre that's haunting the world.

If Oliver Reed was drunk and screaming at my face, I'd probably make little cleft hoodie wearing hell spawn too. We continue our deeper than nessecary conversation on the films of David Cronenberg. This weeks is The Brood

Hank returns from the void to discuss the rock n roll picture hells headbash 2 by James Turner.

FREE stuff on YouTube? It must be my lazy piracy supporting ass birthday. New weird stuff for all to enjoy free of charge if you just know where to look. Get it? I'm the map

Another week, another batch of movie crap cakes. YouTube will guide us into obsolete movie security. Get ready to add to your "watch later" list