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Death By DVD: When renting is never enough. We here at Death By DVD sit painfully through hours and hours of movies so you, the public, can make an informed decision of what you put in your ear holes and eye holes. Some of these films are good, some bad, and some even unmentionable; but ALL have one thing in common: Watching all of these movies will one day melt our brains into a sloppy wet mush. No need to thank us, we were already methodically destroying ourselves with cinema. At least this way there is a permanent record of our demise. As the midnight hour approaches, the smoke sets heavy, and the alcohol begins to flow like blood; tune in and drop through hell with your hosts Hank S. and I. Alexander Nash, as we take you on a journey through the worlds of horror, gore, cult, strange, slashers, psychotronic, trash, twisted, gornography, weird, drive-in, cheesy, lost, rare, and frightening films. Join us and listen as two lives collapse on themselves.

On-Demand Episodes

This week Hank talks about the David Cronenberg film Eastern Promise, a dark thriller starring Naomi Watts and Vigo Mortensen.

The fellas return to get down with some pure funk. The saucy, zazzle packed cult horror film, Messiah Of Evil

Hank comes back with a new solo show discussing the intense Cronenberg thriller, A History Of Violence, starring Vigo Mortensen, Ed Harris, and Mr mafia himself, William Hurt.

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Tonight the dynamic duo, the glory bound hero's of the night, Hank And Nash, return to discuss another Cronenberg film on their quest to discuss every glorious movie the man made. Tonight Shivers is the topic. So tune in if you like sex and... more

Before anything you need to do homework for this weeks show. If you have a Roku box, download the Drive-in Classics app. All the films on this weeks show are available to watch for FREE (with the exception of the... more

Hank returns for a new episode discussing the tragic David Cronenberg film, M.Butterfly, staring Jeremy Irons.

We return with another marvelous David Cronenberg film, the 1999 techno thriller, eXistenZ. It's pretty zazzy. Especially if you like orifices. Then it's real.. Real zazzy.

A huge selection of Vhs garbage available for free on the Internet. Like the days of video store $1 weekly rentals, Nash brings you a huge collection of the cheap stuff for even cheaper. Get your weekly qeues open and ready....like... more