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Dear God Are we there yet

Dear God, Are we there yet?


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Real conversations that aren't coated by a virtual world. Let's talk about it all under the sun with no filters about our journey with Life. Life is like a Road trip, wouldn't you agree ? Let's talk like it's 1995! So join us!

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No, No, No, No, No it means all the same in every language. Rejection for everyone is so different, but the feeling inside can burn like scotch bonnet peppers on some Jamaican brown stew fish!! ( can you tell I am hungry; you... more

Primos y Primas !! Every heard this saying? " You cannot know what silence is if there was no noise. So the noise is essential for silence to know itself. ya tu sabe!! I mean the noise I am talking about is not the grocery list or what to get... more

Wake up primos y primas times are changing. Who can you trust? How can you tell whether someone who borrows money from you will pay it back? or better yet how about if you forget to say hello, please and thank you, Who will be judging... more

Why are we so darn afraid to talk to someone when our junk catches up with us? There is a full mouth answer to that and you're NOT alone! The decision to begin anything that has to do with speaking your feelings can be hard but listen up ?... more

This is not a rant about history, rasicism and blah blah blah. Just an inquisitive mind and question on my recent trip from Italy wondering about BC and AD and my ancestors. I take a detailed look through the sistine chapel and have... more

Dear God Let's get Lost!Why not we all need to take a pause in life right?

Dear God, Do you like rollercoasters? It's a long, stomach-churning way up a regular rollercoaster. But the thrill is always worth it, unless you're one of those who gets sick. And if that's the case, what the heck were you doing getting... more

I am always curious of these hotlines that say CALL and ask us anything so I came across an article from The Todays Show and It said if you call this phone number (334) 844-4244 it connects you to a University and they will try to... more

AMAZING Jazz musician and performer Johnny Holliday @johnnyhollidayentertainment serenades audiences with his unique renditions of popular songs and original music. I witnessed his art form when my wife... more

Is Love overrated? I can see it now how many can confuse the word "self love" with self obsessed, narcissistic, conceded and the list goes on. Seriously, critics that have bashed books, tv shows, therapists, yogis and activists for using this... more