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DeAngelo Starnes

The Decoding Society


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Founded by lawyer/journalist DeAngelo Starnes, the Decoding Society is a public service to the 99% from a populist and activist perspective. It also is an information exchange and discussion forum that encourages critical examination of the media and politicians' and corporations' actions. The mission of the Decoding Society is to counter the System of White Supremacy by neutralizing and reversing its impact on the world. Therefore, it seeks to fill in the holes of information dissemination to the public, which serve to manipulate thought/speech/action. We examine current events within the perspective of the nine major areas of people activity: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war. The Blog Radio show times are Mondays and Tuesdays, 6:30p EST - 7:00p EST and Saturdays 1:30p - 2p EST.

On-Demand Episodes

Tanking in NBA, Kevin McHale's firing, and how do rich Black athletes contribute to white despair. 6:30p EST The call-in number is 347-857-1436.

Splanking with author, profressor, and musicologist Rickey Vincent "The Uhuru Maggot" on the State of Funk, political and activist music, and why the American Music Awards is garbage. 6:30p EST The call in number is 347-857-1436.

Brown Bagging on the Corner: The Consequences of When White Men Feel Niggerized: suicides, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression. 1:30p EST The call-in number is 347-857-1436.

In wake of attack at Paris soccer match, should security be enhanced at US sporting events? Also will Charlie Sheen's revelation provide a wake up call for today's athletes who seem to have forgotten Magic Johnson.

Bombings in Paris, death threats against Black college students. Why is one "terrorism" but the other a possible hate crime? 1:30p EST The call in number is 347-857-1436.

Student Activism and Sex. 4:30p EST

Discussion with Eric Easter, Sowande Tichawonna, and Rick Hancock on Howard University's participation in the FCC Broadcast Incentive Auction of WHUT's Spectrum.

Part 2 of our discussion with Author and Diversity Consultant Rodney S. Patterson on his book Trumping the Race Card. 6:30p EST The call in number is 347-857-1436.

Brown Bagging on the Corner about current events: Red Cross skimming, budgets, wars, and going to school while Black. 1:30p EST The call-in number is 347-857-1436.
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