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Founded by lawyer/journalist DeAngelo Starnes, the Decoding Society is a public service to the 99% from a populist and activist perspective. It also is an information exchange and discussion forum that encourages critical examination of the media and politicians' and corporations' actions. The mission of the Decoding Society is to counter the System of White Supremacy by neutralizing and reversing its impact on the world. Therefore, it seeks to fill in the holes of information dissemination to the public, which serve to manipulate thought/speech/action. We examine current events within the perspective of the nine major areas of people activity: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war. The Blog Radio show times are Mondays, 6:30p EST - 7:30p EST and Saturdays 1p - 2p EST. Mondays are called "Media Watch" which is a review of how the media is treating major stories, trends, and events in the world. Saturdays are called "Brown Bagging on the Corner," which is a round up of the week's current events.

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The Two F**ked Up Dudes discuss current events and the media's coverage of them. 6:30p EST The call in number is 347-857-1436
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Relations with Cuba thawed via executive order. What does that mean for Assata Shakur? Tune in Saturday, December 20, 2014. 1:30p EST The call in number is 347-857-1436.

Act Two with Marjorie Fields Harris on Brotha celebs in the news and the impact on the Black image. 6:30p EST The call in number is 347-857-1436

Brown Bagging on the Corner: This week demonstrated we are in the worst of times and getting even worse of times. Join the Crew at 1:30p EST. The Call-in Number is 347-1436.

NYT said that current social unrest regarding the street protests over police brutality might tarnish Obama's legacy. We decode the veracity of that headline. And since we're 'fessing up on the systemic nature of police brutality,... more

The F**ked Up Dudes on why are Charles Barkley and other Black conservatives always calling out Black behavior to the exclusion of racism/white supremacy? 6:30p EST. The callin number is 347-857-1436.

Brown Bagging on the Corner on where do we go from Ferguson and how do we prevent more police brutality? Decoder Brian Gilmore's excellent article in Newsday, "Five Ways to Prevent Another Ferguson" will serve as a starting... more

Post Ferguson- will there be a fire next time? Special pre-Thanksfgiving show on white-on-Black violence with impunity. 6:30p EST The call in number is 347-857-1436.

Tribute to Marion Barry and discussion about how the bodies are piling up on Bill Cosby. What's true and what's not? What's credible and what's not? Plus still no announcement in Ferguson grand jury. What's the hold up? Kicks off at 6:30p... more

Shooting at Florida State University raises the issue of how we deal with mental illness in America - particularly in the Black community. 1:30p EST The call in number is 347-857-1436.

Riffing on Piers Morgan's "advice" to Black people, GOP takeover, and does Lil Kim look worse than Michael Jackson ever did? 6:30p EST/3:30p PST The call in number is 347-857-1436.
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