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DeAngelo Starnes

The Decoding Society


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Founded by lawyer/journalist DeAngelo Starnes, the Decoding Society is a public service to the 99% from a populist and activist perspective. It also is an information exchange and discussion forum that encourages critical examination of the media and politicians' and corporations' actions. The mission of the Decoding Society is to counter the System of White Supremacy by neutralizing and reversing its impact on the world. Therefore, it seeks to fill in the holes of information dissemination to the public, which serve to manipulate thought/speech/action. We examine current events within the perspective of the nine major areas of people activity: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war. The Blog Radio show times are Saturdays 1:30p - 2p EST.

On-Demand Episodes

The Decoding Society decodes and debunks the new term of derision "identity politics"; on whom it is imposed; and how it is actually projection of the overriding and continued practice of refining the system of white supremacy. 12:30p EST

Post-Election Decoding: The Decoding Society discusses the results. The potential reasons for them. Strategies moving forward. With Ryan Adams 12:30p EST

Election Day Special: Decoding and rants with Fred McKissack and Ryan O. Adams

The DAPL: The new Keystone Pipeline? Too Big To Fail? Environmental Racism? White Supremacy? All of the Above. With Fred McKissack and Ryan Adams. 12:30p EST

Is The GOP 2016 Strategy More Focused On Voter Turn Away Than Voter Turn-out? Female Announcers of Male Sports. Plus More Discussion On The US As A Post-Fact Society. With Brian Gilmore, Fred McKissack, and Ryan... more

How Did We Become A "Post-Fact" Society and World? Join The Decoding Society's examination of the media and politicians playing fast loose with "facts." Within the prism of current events. With Brian Gilmore and Fred McKissack..

Labor Day Special: Uproar Over Colin Kaepernick; Inside/Outside Politics Note of the Week: Army's Trillion Dollar Mistake; and the Lakota Sioux Stand Up To Big Oil

The past is never dead as Milwaukee burns, Louisiana floods, and Syria is bombed. Plus DOJ says it's terminating private prison contracts. Ryan Lochte is the latest with a Blame-A-N**ga Moment. Special time 12:30p EST With Brian... more

Brown Bagging on the Corner on the question as to whether African Americans fear voting outside of the two-party system? With One Diaspora's Chris Cathcart 1:30p EST The call in uber is 347-857-1436

Ebony.com contributor DeAngelo Starnes is joined by Ernest Champell, Marjorie Fields Harris, Tim Eure, and Recoe Walker to discuss Kwame Kilpatrick, the efficacy of charter schools, the jobs report, Rand Paul, Dwayne Bowe's... more
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