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Dazed and Abused

Dazed and Abused


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Doing our best to spark real conversation about the US Constitution, what is legal, and how far out of control our government has become.

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ANother random moment in the lives of the crazy political pundits and the loss of freedom ion our country Yay! THe picture of the modern freeman.

We are starting our new format today calling representatives to find out first hand how they respond to you, the tax payer, their boss, when you ask them questions. As part of Obamafraud the medicare payout system is now undergoing... more

They suspended Robertson for his beliefs and for voicing them. Does this sound like freedom? We have been telling you that we have an oppressive society, and this is yet another example of that

While Paul Ryan has compromised himself to the left much like George Bush One did, with his, no new taxes fiasco; true Republicans like Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz, are sizing up yet another big government show down. This time with... more

What we can come up with off the top of our heads

Our pres, oh man you gotta love a guy who thinks he is the center of the whole world. Taking selfies at a funeral! NELSON MANDELLA'S THis guy has no respect for anyone or anything. We are a laughing stock at how rude this guy is

Common core has parts in it that claim Obama is the new messiah. Is this what we believe? Now the government is saying that if you do not let your kids complete common core curriculum or take the test, they will send Child... more

Thanksgiving has passed and there is much to talk about from the IRS targeting those who won't buy Obamacare, charitable institutions, and the FBI not complying with congressional orders to the Chinese committing hostile acts on... more

We have decided to toot our own horn a little and discuss what we are all about on the show today. We believe in freedom, liberty, and a constitutional government, this you know... but what else?

Senate passes measure to change presidential nominations from 2/3 to confirm to simple majority. Is the dictator flexing his muscle? Obama has already begun discussion about running for a thiord term. Are we ever gooing to get rid of this... more