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Daytime After Dark is based on 2 women's love and appreciation for the Daytime genre & those who work in it. Come share your feelings on the air. The more the merrier! :) Note: You should know when you call in that the hosts and most of the callers are Jason & Elizabeth (Liason) fans and the host, Carly is a big fan of Carly on General Hospital so bashing of that character is not allowed.

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Steve Blackwood will be joining us! and also we will be talking soaps and primetime so it will be a great show

Thaao Penghlis will be coming on our show!. He has played Tony on Days of our lives and he also was just on GH as Victor. please come to this very good show tonight and call in and be in the chat room.

Daytime after dark Welcomes back Aaron D spears.Aka. Justin on bold and the Bold and Beautiful. and we will be talking about his new projects and of couse BB. We will be also talking about Days and GH and young and the Restless.... more

Daytime after dark welcome Walker hayes to the show. he is a country singer. and it will be a great show and he will be talking fan calls. and also we will be talking GH and Days and YR and BB and other shows. come and in and realx... more

We will be taking about the Exit of Billy Miller on Young and the restless and we we be talking about General Hosptial and and also BB and Days of our lives and some primetime shows. come and and sit back and realx and have a glass of... more

We are having the wonderful couple from "Days of our Lives"to talk with Carly about the book,Days and much more.They will be spending about 45 minutes so please come listen!

Come join me for the week of Twist and turns on the soaps and primetime and it will be a good show. there alot of things to vent about so please call in. Next week I will be talking about the country music award show and all the... more

Tonight turn in to the show it would have been Jennie Copper 85th b-day and also we will be talking about the custody battle on GH. and also will be talking about Y&R and Days of our lives. and also BB and any primetime time show as... more

this week has been a very sad week on soaps and but has been a good one too. we are going to chat about all of on this week show. so come and vent you feelings and have a great time
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