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Lauren,Lee,and Jamie are your go-to podcast hosts for genuine soapy gossip and more! Join us as we discuss all your favorite daytime soaps, web soaps, interview your favorite soap stars, and discuss the latest soap scandals, both on-screen and off! Also we discuss the world of primetime TV and interview and discuss the stars of your favorite reality and primetime TV shows. Dayplayerdish also interviews and discusses the latest in ALL fields of entertainment! We are your ALL-AROUND go to show! JOIN US!

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Join us as we SOUND OFF about the 2013 Primetime Television show. We will dishing about Scandal, Nashville, and also we be talking soaps, primetime, reality, comings and goings, gossip and scoop plus much more! Don't miss out on this... more

Join us as we catch up on what's going on the the world of soaps, internet soaps, primetime, reality, and everything in between! It's been a while since our last show so you KNOW we have a lot to say! What does Lee have to say about GH?!... more

Join us as we chat about anything and EVERYTHING going on in Daytime, Primetime and anywhere in between. Hear what Lee, Lauren and Jamie have to say about the latest storylines, plot twists, cancellations, comings and... more

Join us as we SOUND OFF and discuss ALL things Daytime Soaps! We will be talking all the soapy drama, comings and goings, gossip and scoop plus much more! Don't miss out on this show! Hear what Lee, Lauren, and Jamie have to... more

Join Lee, Lauren and Jamie as we sound off on what we liked, disliked, and what had our mouths drop open about this years Daytime Emmys! You all know we LOVE to DISH so join us as we give our thoughts on this years show!

Join us as we chat with Susan Bernhardt from Soap Fan Cruises. Susan will be talking to us about the first Soap Fan Cruise featuring the stars from As The World Turns Colleen Zenk, Trent Dawson, Michael Park and Martha Byrne. Find... more

Join us as we chat with the beautiful and talented Lauren B. Martin. Most of you will remember Lauren as Camille Bennett on As The World Turns. She also made an appearance on Guiding Light and All My Children. She will be... more

Join us as we chat with the creator of the hit web series PRETTY and THE INN Steve SIlverman. Steve will be talking with us about his upcoming event The Hot As Hell first ever web fest! Get all the details on what stars will be... more

The Dish is welcoming back to the show two time Daytime Emmy winner, the lovely Martha Byrne. Martha will be talking about her hit series Gotham that is coming back to TV and Digital Media with all new episodes. She will be chatting... more

Join us as we discuss all things PRIMETIME TV! Hear our thoughts on shows like Scandal, Nashville, Reality Shows and all things PRIMETIME. You know you love when we DISH and SOUND OFF so be sure to tune in!
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