The ABCs Of Surrogacy

The ABCs Of Surrogacy


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Los Angeles Surrogacy Center Founder Dawn Marmorstein discusses everything surrogacy, pregnancy and baby related on her BlogTalk radio show.

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One of the most critical components in a surrogacy journey is the legal advice both recipient parents and surrogate mothers receive prior to signing contracts with each other. There are a number of reproductive attorneys who specialize... more

This week, we are very excited to have Candace and Chris, authors of the blog "Our Misconception," and who recenty appeared on MTV's "True Life: I'm Desparate To Have a Baby." Their story is not uncommon: They have spent the... more

Natural products are the best option for any baby, not just during their infancy, but throughout their development during childhood. One of the most essential items for all new parents is the ubiquitous baby bottle. No longer must you... more

Cloth diapering is an affordable and environmentaly friendly way to diaper your child. Despite what many parents to be may think, cloth diapering is actually easy. Cloth diapers come in many different styles that can easly fit into any parent's... more

Having a family is a dream for many. Fertility preservation with the help of a gestational surrogate mother and egg donor, if required, is assisting more and more transgender men and women with the ablity to be blessed with the joys of... more

Of all the critical components involved in a surrogacy journey, the role of the Reproductive endocrinologist is surely on one of the most important. The RE is the physician who oversees all medical aspects related to fertility --... more

It's often a common practice in traditional obstetric care here in the United States for a woman to have a scheduled C-section or induction birth. In surrogacy, however, allowing your surrogate mother to add an elective C-section (one... more

As parents, we all do whatever we can to ensure the optimal future health and well being of our children. Many parents to be are considering banking their childs umbilical cord blood, just incase an unforseen illness arises. In this episode,... more

On this episode is Crystal Cierlak, who currently works with Dawn in editing their YouTube series "HelloBabyTV", a twice weekly online series in which Dawn reviews infant and baby products. This is a new resource for both current... more

Surrogacy is now providing a mechanism whereby men can now create their own families. Single straight men as well as partnered male couples and singles now have the ability to have their own children, thanks to the generosity of surrogate... more