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Run Radio Live With David Keaton! is a valuable resource of continuing dialogue for life empowerment. David Keaton is a pastor, former educator, guest lecturer, and facilitator.

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Don't give up just yet!! You may feel discouraged by the odds that are before you, but you don't have to be defeated. God has a supernatural breakthrough with your name on it. Tune in and learn more.

Tired of the same results in life? Jesus the Christ is the answer to changing your world. Tune in to this broadcast and discover what it means to be saved and a success with God.

We talk of change in everyday life in the marketplace, barber shop, school, and church, but nothing seems to improve. What is the missing piece in the puzzle dialogue on change? Truth.

Florida verdicts over the last year have been sending a message loud and clear to Black America. That message consistently demonstrates that Black America has been warned!

Have you ever had the wind knocked out of you? The pain to breathe is so intense that you feel as if you are going to die. That is what David felt as he was separated form God, by the sin in his life. David shows us that you can be... more

What do you know about the biblical character named Daniel? I will bet you did not know that he struggled in life much like you and I. Today, we look behind the legend, and see the man, his ministry, and the struggle of his faith.

What do Jocelyn Wildenstein and Michael Jackson have in common? The two have had so much plastic surgery that both morphed themselves into an unrecognizeable self. Over the last half century, the church too has undergone... more

Want to start a fight? Mention the name, Jeremiah Wright, and BAM!! The fight is on!! Since the presidential campaign of Senator Barack Obama, Dr. Wright has become a polarizing figure in religion and politics. But is there a connection with... more

There are over 314,000 Protestant and other Christian churches in America, with thousands more popping up every year. Sounds good, right? WRONG!!! Not good when over 80% of those raised in the church disengage by the age of 30.

It's time to stop playing it safe. Every year, Dr. Martin King, Jr. is celebrated for his "I Have A Dream" speech. These celebrations are complete with politicians, clergyman, media, and the general public, poor caricatures of Dr. King, and the... more