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Stay A.L.E.R.T. & Keep it H.O.T.!

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From entry level operator to executive of operations! From managing 12 people in one city to overseeing a worldwide operation in 4 regions and 5 countries! Dave's undergraduate degree concentration is in organizational leadership and he has a master's degree in education majoring in executive human resources and development from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. Dave has 24 years experience in effective leadership and soared and excelled in executive level management in the fast paced fortune 34 corporate environments. To respond to the question, "hey Dave Wess Sr. how were you able to accomplish that?" Dave has packaged his education, years of experience and the coined phrase you often hear him say and has created 8 principles for achieving maximum success call “Stay A.L.E.R.T. & Keep it H.O.T.! If practiced, these principles will help you realize YOUR SUCCESS IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK, and will be the guide to help you “Discover YOUR path in the WORLD”, “Develop YOUR passion for the WORLD” and “Deliver YOUR plan to the WORLD”.


0:04 Dave Wess

Good morning! Good morning and happy Friday to everybody this is Dave Wess and you're listening to the Dave Wess Radio Show and just a reminder we, this show I tell you is getting better and better, my numbers are going up as far as the number of folks that are listening and I just want to say thank you to everyone who is supporting me and calling in and giving me notes of encouragement and I especially want to thank the guest that are calling in to join me to help me out and I've got two special guests today that are coming back from the previous show and I certainly want to pick a moment to introduce Clarence Brown and Brooks Stanton. Clarence Brown is from the DC area -- Washington DC area and we've got Brooks Stanton from South Carolina. Good morning gentlemen.

1:02 Clarence Brown

Good morning.

1:03 Brooks Stanton

Good morning.

1:05 Dave Wess

I'm alright, they're right. What we want to do this is the week three at eight-part series and as a reminder this is called Stay A.L.E.R.T. and Keep it H.O.T.! Stay A.L.E.R.T. and Keep it H.O.T.! And just to give you a background for new listeners that are on this is a coin phrase that I used to say all the time when I'm coaching and encouraging folks to just stay alert. You know, just be prepared, be ready and to keep it hot so that when that opportunity opens up, you're there, you're bringing your "A" game. Okay, so and I've taken these the letters alert and hot and coupled with my past experience from joining a company at the very lowest entry level and excelling to an operations executive level overseeing local, national, or as well as global operations and you know, I can't take any credit from myself because I give all the credits to God for giving me that opportunity, but then I was asked several times like how did you do that? What was that like when it all happens so I took time to reflect and I took time to try to couple my experience with my education and this coin phrase and thus we have the concepts that we're talking about and we've talked about ask questions and be aware of your surroundings on week one and that's making sure you're asking questions and you noticing the opportunities that are lying in front of you. Listen for links to leverage on week two and that's just you know the people works in your network the things that you are hearing, looking for opportunities to help someone else or receive help to get you to that next level in your success journey and here week number three we are speaking about engage in your future environment and new network and what I mean by that we will get ready to get in to our discussions.

3:19 Dave Wess

What I mean by that is you know along the day when I was doing that corporate climb if you will, it would be the effort on trying to discover what that future was like. We are trying to discover, okay this is were I see myself so instead of waiting on the opportunity to get into the environments and learn, I wanted to learn, I wanted to engage, I wanted to understand what success was like, what's the best people were like, what they did on a day-to-day basis and I wanted to establish a network of folks and let me tell you guys, when I was blessed with that opportunity you know it was a way of getting my name out there either. It was a way to be calm or recognized unity in resource in that future environment. So when that opportunity opened up on many occasions, it wouldn't be the first time people heard of Dave Wess, it wouldn't be the first time people have an opportunity to see what I was about and know what I was capable of performing, so there is many ways that I'm going to talk about to engage in your future environment and new network, but you know and I'm going to share those in more detail in my book, but I want to talk today about this concept and here's and you guys and hear from callers that want to call in and hear what your thoughts are about this concept. Anyone who wants to take -- be the first to share their thoughts on this concept. And think about of what we have is -- we've got -- or let me stick the number two. If you are calling in as a guest, you call in at 1917-889-8495 and I will be looking at the switchboard here and I also got a chat line if want to shoot a chat message at me I'll try to keeping myself, dual cast in here and catch that. So to you Clarence, to you Brooks, what are your thoughts about this concept?

5:51 Brooks Stanton

Well, I'm actually, now we are talking about, we've got two things that come to mind we've talked about basically did involve now and we're you maybe in the future. Is that a good synopsis of what I'm about to say?

6:05 Dave Wess

Yes, yes, yes. Exactly.

6:08 Dave Wess

I am going to give you two, it's interesting because you would think that we've learned more, the more advance we become, when I can think back early on when I was on a warehouse job and I was in -- my job was actually to receive -- I was working on a furniture store and my job was to receive the furniture as it came off the truck and so I can remember me and this other guy we would be jumping in the back of the trucks and you know unloading trucks and pulling the furniture out and when we pull the furniture out, we always put the furniture on this flat and then every now and then a forklift will come around and hook up to the flat and pull the flat around for the back side of the warehouse and a lot of time because nearly other guy would do our job as sort of fast rate we have some downtime and I can remember how I would actually spend my downtime going around and trying to free up more about the furniture because when we looked at it, we only look that it coming in the door, it's just a product coming in the door, but I would go around and I would engage stop on the other side to see, okay how did you cross this, how do you store it, how does it gives you about the individual stores and think that nature because eventually what would happen is that we'll end up working in the store. And so I would then have the process -- I move from beginning to end and it even show when you are talking to customers sometimes the customers that inquire about more than what's sitting right in front of you, but you had a broader knowledge base because now we can talk about -- okay I can see how it came in from the manufacturer and now it's sitting in front of you ready to go to your living room and so that was an opportunity for me to get involved in my future and so that was that will and what's that will.

7:59 Dave Wess

And Brooks what do you think about that?

8:02 Brooks Stanton

Well I've had a real life story to relate to this particular topic and it started when I was in high school I went to one of the lower rank high school in Cincinnati and out of 336 students I was ranked 333 and when those results came out I looked and I said, "How did I get myself in this situation?" And I found myself in a situation where I've only seen that I have to look for what is engaging myself and my future environment because the result came out and I did all I'm good at and people judge me on this particular results. So when I told my parents that I wanted to go to college, the evidence on a table show that I didn't go to college I think I need to go get a job but anyway they indulged me and let me go to college and then I've started to see myself in the future, walking down the aisle, having the degrees that I have and I was successful simply because I don't let my current situation dictate my future. So, I graduated with a 3.5 and that's when I really realized that, your past situation is going to dictate your future and if you engage in your future, you can really change things, you just got to get focused of what you want to accomplish and it was in business every cent I learned that concept it has worked every single time. You got to go out there and start pumping in your future, if you want to be a business owner, you got to go out there to your representative or this lady and then go get that business life. Even if the concept still has base, go get the business life because you are engaging in your future, you know take a check book and practice and start writing out checks and if you have a million dollar company and don't go deposit a cash or check, definitely practice that, because if you can't see yourself being a millionaire, talk millionaire talk, or write millionaire check. How are you going to get there and how are you going to know how to handle that? So when you engage in your future has borrowed with it but also take it very seriously because one day you will be there.

10:34 Dave Wess

Wow! That is interesting. I would tell you I was thinking about well some of my earlier stages, again this is all about how climbing up and I'm still applying those practices today and seeing some great results but I was, I had this thought about wanting to be to oversea a large operation and as far as I got I would not be sure what kind of operation will be, but I used some of the previous concepts of asking questions or listening and I started seeing the future that I wanted to be a part of materialize right in front of me and I remember like I did like I did yesterday, a friend of mine you know, I live in an apartment and a friend of mine stopped over somebody tells you stop over in Fridays and this guy friend of mine stopped over and say I've got a, we are going to back up and hangout with you guys but I got run up to the shop and you know, I've got to do time cards and get some stuff ready for the next week and he said, "Dave, do you want to ride with me?" And I was at my apartment I had a roommate there, and I'm thinking my roommate stay with the other folk and I just thought even that in and out of self of the blessing for God because he asked me, he said, "Dave, you want to ride with me?" And I said, "Sure." So on the way up, I'm asking questions about his job and see this person was, and I'll name this person on my book. This person was the manager and at very young age he was a managing director of a 3-shift operation and it was a computer center, data center and this had all kind of stuff, one on I heard about that and I didn't know where it was until I got up there but I walked in there with them and I saw the speak operation I saw these folks doing their thing and I saw kids rolling, I said, "Man, this is what I think I want to do."

12:35 Dave Wess

And so from that point on I started, you know, find out more about managing. Find out more about operations and how they, what made them go, what made them work and there is a number of different examples where I was engaging in the atmosphere that I would soon become a part of and I had people that I've met and people that I knew first hand that was already in that environment which becomes my new network and so that that's -- man, I got to tell you, I still think about the number of times that happened to me and so I think, I'm trying to think, you know, I think you mentioned about school books and you mentioned about, you know, what you did and I commend for you for it, you being steadfast and going forth and look on what you are doing today and I think this is a good thing to share with students, you could share this with students, business folks who ever but if you are going to become somebody in your life in this career field or with your educational cline. You know, what is that and are you or what opportunities do you have to engage into that future, what advice would you guys give to a person to get ready to go to college or in college or how they can engage in their future?

14:10 Brooks Stanton

Oh Dave I was going to say that one of the situations that people face before they engage in their future is they look at good situations and they look at their problems and they try to work through problems without and they lose focus on engaging in their future and I tell people that problems are not really problems, they are nuggets of wisdom that can help you really engaged in the future so a lot of people will say oh I don't have the money or my family is not in the situation for my student go to college. When I went to college I didn't have the money, I definitely didn't earn a scholarship but I went out there and I went through the financial aid offices and everywhere and I say what opportunity were available for a person like me for this type of qualifications. I really have to assess where I was and how I was going to get to my goals. So regardless as to how damn put your ways in looks at that period because you are only judge the way you represent yourself and the way you put yourself out there clearly open doors of opportunities for you, either to report doesn't look good when you take it to those particular people you got to engage it when you got a faith whatever is going come and face them in a positive way because you know you've got to show your positive attribute. Somebody at that point after you leave the office will say is man paper or it doesn't represent the person that I'm in front of simply because I represent it myself as a very intelligent college student when I came here even though my people said, hey we need to give you the job and do something else because these are college materials. So, I can say do not let your problems stop you from tuning in into your future.

16:06 Dave Wess

Okay. I like that. I like that. Clarence you going to say something?

16:11 Clarence Brown

I was -- I'm kind of solicit from where I was going to say and say something kind of try to figure back on my concept of a line but the first thing talks about knowledge that were created on purpose, but I kind of broadened that, you see and we have to be on purpose and so like, well I'm focused about going to college, the first thing you're going to do is going to be versatile realizing that, hey I've started out you know on the back side of the _16:39___ when I got a new opportunity for a new beginning and when you go to college not just go college for a purpose because we all go to college we will give you the education, you know, the development and network would be on purpose when you go to college and realize that when it's time for me to show up as a businessman and you will as I go into seek funding for my new venture which is my education, I have to care myself in a business like fashion as but with staying on being on purpose with that and when I go to class as a scholar, I'm going to class on purpose not just for purpose but on purpose and then even there are some opportunities for social interactions where you can go back and be relaxed and even when you have in your social interactions you going to be on purpose just for that purpose but making yourself versatile so that as you show or open a new environment and not really saying okay, well I screwed up and you know and it was a waste of my time in high school and everything else, no it wasn't. It was a learning experience in which you went through actually propelled you to try out some new skills that as you move to the next level and so it's not just by going scholarship or getting that further education for a purpose but being on purpose while you are there.

17:51 Dave Wess

Wow! That's fine. You guys are I tell you, you know, I think I did this last week, I listen to the show and was stuttering around and it was because I have just cut, you know the positive juice start generating and when I'm hearing things like this that I know will help somebody, I just -- it just, you know, I just really makes my day and I really appreciate you guys joining in. Clarence, I saw something out on your networks, speaking of engaging in the future environment in your network, even I have this radio show, and even I do all these blogs and social media, you know, when I got laid off from my position, I thought, man there's a couple of things I want to do and there's a couple of areas that I want to go, I still want to -- I still got to taste for operations and but until that happens, I want to explore this area and so I started, you know, picking up the phone and then just blowing up for its own, just talking about different things. Trying to engage in the environment and I learned about -- I'll have to say publicly I learned about this radio show from Clarence and he helped me get this thing going and I really want thank you again Clarence for everything you've done for me and I -- but the whole thing was about engaging, who are the folks and when I was doing the corporate climb, again, I would try top find out who were the folks in the network. I remember trying to take on a middle of operation and it was becoming more a regional type scale and I go to campuses. I will find out who the top folks were and again trying to find out who the best folks were and learn from those folks and then bring my own flavor to that said situation and I stayed engaged in your future environment and new network, but I've been contemplating on change and is to say engage in your future environment and become the expert in your new network. Because, you know and has a E on it, I think I'll be safe to it that way but I think as you're talking to students as you talk in our folks, you're wanting to tell them, okay if you want to become a dentist, if you want to become a doctor, you want to become a writer, then yes I know you're a freshman and I know your getting rid to go to college or junior whatever, but who are the folks that do what your wanting to do and do you have a relationship with them or can you create a relationship with them so you could become more familiar with what they do. Clarence, I want to talk to you real quick about -- I noticed on your information that I read the other day that your working on your network and your working on your program and I saw were your trying to create some funds to help you launch into the next level and I want you to know, I'm going to support that but can you just give me a share to our listeners what it is your trying to accomplish and maybe even act a solicitor for some support online here.

21:07 Clarence Brown

Well, I do speak in training. I primary be speaking in training for those who people who come to me and they say, here is my issue and can you develop a solution? And this is what I'm willing to pay for you the solution you develop. But as I've done that and as I've interfaced with colleges and high schools, I've realize that there are some sick problems that are across the board and their problems that are now just on local levels but also in national levels and there are a lot of people out there who are just first who can put together a program or put together a product that can have a major impact across the board because its not necessarily a tailor made situation, it's been asked in the beginning to be talking about low test scores or drop out or things in that nature. And so what I did was, I decided, hey how about if I develop an nonprofit organization that allows these people to come together and going to a school system to going or to a town and actually all the program and to those people who cannot readily afford it. Those people who needs the most. And I know there a lot of people that you know can go to extra tutoring and get extra help for schooling and things but there are a lot of people who can't and so I develop this nonprofit organization called On Your Purpose and it's all behind with on your purpose get set go and so if I could pull in school together, no people that were willing to go into a city and affect that city and get people on their purpose, they'd emailed me and started about some ready to go and so I'm going to process now of pulling together some cap. I'm going to cap a campaign so I'm going to raise $300,000 to get this off and running and I'm trying to put together six to eight programs over the next nine months that will be able travel the cities just like Cincinnati, Ohio and even South Carolina so you can come in South Carolina for these programs in place and pulling together some people who have some beauty contest to get to these people, so that they can actually be ready to go on their purpose.

23:19 Dave Wess

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. But you got any reaction to that or any comments?

23:27 Brooks Stanton

Yes. Clarence I really appreciate your comments. Their right on point and you miss in purpose a light went of my head. And I said, wow purpose is a very very strong word. Purpose is being bold and being genius at the same time. Its intent to do something and successfully completing their task purposely. And I really appreciate that word. I'm going to add that to my vocabulary simply because a lot of people think that it was accident that they made it or freak of nature but if you have purpose and you set your mind out to do something and you end up accomplishing those goals no matter. I really love that platform you just run out for your program and would love to participate and experiment program because the nation really needs a program like this. I was going to engage in our future network, here we go.

24:26 Dave Wess

Yes. See and that's what you see. You listen in to links to leverage guys, I'm telling you, these counts I believe that these counts have managed and it is happening, you know, even right now. So Clarence we'll quick shadow on your website and how can people can get involved and help you out with that.

24:46 Clarence Brown

My website is -- you can reach me at clarencetbrown.com and when we get you just signed up if you want to participate. If you wanted you know give financially if you want to give up your time. For this we are trying to split and even if there is city or tower for school district near you that you think need this kind of programming. Just give me shout out and let me know and we'll work towards getting it done.

25:20 Dave Wess

Wow! You know what, I tell you this is the year -- I'm going support that. I going to support everything I can say that God is allowing me to have the means to do and this is a year for giving for a lot of folks that are in my networking including the church that I go to, basically, the Church of God in Cincinnati Ohio is actually in Forest Park Area. The authentic smiley road if any body has ever, you know, wants to get the phrase on it come on over there but we are about to embark on capital campaign as we try to raise $600,000 and $700,000 for you know renovation and new technology and resources and what have you and so I'm going give to that and I'm going help you out and sometimes I m paying this stuff and don't even have the money but I just believe God's going to bless me to do that because if that's where it's going to take it as rising above are circumstances and situation and I know the economy's hard and I know things are tough out there but I know that you know, we can give freely anyway and just keep the faith and trust in what we're believing in and marching forward against the odds in some cases. Hey I've got three minutes left and before I close the show all the way. I wanted to just do this last disclaimer that I have to remind people that this whole concept is to help you realize that your success is closer than you think and this will also help you discover in the word, develop your passion for the word, deliver your plan to the world and through that you too will know how to stay alert and keep it hot.

27:23 Dave Wess

Again, we've talked about asked questions to be aware of your surroundings. Listen for links to leverage, today we had a great conversation about engage in your future environment and new network and next week, next week get this, review your radar and rehearse your research. Review your radar. What's on your radar? And what research have you done and how well can you recite it? How well can you deliver it? How well can you articulate that new knowledge that you discover. So that's what I wanted to do and I'm hoping that you guys, you know, I don't want ask so many things but I want you to know your always welcome to join. I'm going to try to get a few other guests on with us, so that you guys can help me talk about how to stay alert and keep it hot. You guys. Have a great Friday, have a great weekend, and know that I really appreciate you in every...