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David is an aerospace engineer and an energy healer who explores all forms of energy and psychic healing, clearing of entities, delving into the subconscious, past lives, astral and spiritual planes, soul retrieval and many forms of psychic phenomena. David is available for local and long distance (phone) appointments for healing, Psych-K, clearings, soul retrievals. Please call 303-902-5323 for more information and scheduling. Thanks!

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Please join Dave the Mystic on Monday, June 18th at 8PM MDT with guest Sarah Itkin. Sarah is a psychic medium, an angel communicator, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Reiki practitioner, but most importantly, a healer. She uses her gifts to guide others in healing their lives and reaching their highest potential. ? Since childhood Sarah has been gifted with psychic abilities. Vivid, psychic dreams gave way to dreams of being alive in other times in history. As she reached adulthood, Sarah began to experience prophetic dreams, the ability to see into the future and unknown situations, and the ability to channel messages from angels and deceased loved ones. In 2014, Sarah began to mentor with psychic development teacher Diane Ronner to hone her gifts as a psychic medium and angel channel. Next she combined her psychic gifts with her training as a therapist to provide a more profound level of healing and then added Reiki and psychic parties to her offerings. Sarah's aim remains always to guide others toward their highest selves. She feels her calling is to help clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and grief, but she's also capable of providing intuitive and angelic guidance about any topic. Sarah enjoys working with those looking to identify their life purpose, artists, writers, pet owners, and parents seeking intuitive support for their children. Sarah also offers career and business readings In the second half of the show, Sarah will give three 10-minute mini-readings for callers based upon her angel communication work. Sarah's website is sarahitkin.com and her email address is sjitkin@live.com. Thanks for listening! Blessings! Dave the Mystic
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