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The Unknown Zone

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
The Unknown Zone

The Unknown Zone


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There is a world wide agenda to depopulate humanity by the so called elites who run the world and it's happening right under our noses.  Resident experts Judy Sellins and Dave Turco will lead you through the maze of nastiness that elites have planned for us and it's way worst than you know.  This is not based on some theory or conspiracy but on actual evidence provided by none other than the elites themselves.  Of course the highest ranking elites are largely unknown to us, but the low ranking megalomaniac types from Henry Kissinger whose favorite catch phrase for us is "Useless feeders!" to Prince Philip to Ted Turner have gifted us with endless quotes that leave us with no ambiguity as to where they stand.

Ever think of donating to the World Wildlife Fund, don't, they want you off the planet.  Jacques Cousteau loved nature but not all those humans, he also wanted populaiton reduction. Ever wonder how and otherwise boring uninformed sociopath like Kissinger alway has the ear of the President, wonder no more. This show is to inform you of what is really going on behing Agenda 21, the control of world resources, Chemtrails, Singularity, The Club of Rome, carbon taxes and many other seemingly unrelated topics, to inform you of who is behind it and what the end game is.  Know thy enemy, your life depends upon it!

You will not hear this on the main stream media.