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The Unknown Zone

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
The Unknown Zone

The Unknown Zone


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The chemtrail geoengineering project being implemented worldwide in the skys above us are so much more sinister and dangerous than you think.  Judy Sellins and Dave Turco will bring to light updated information on what is being sprayed in the sky and what effect it is having on our health and being.  Some of the answers are obvious but some will amaze you.

Frightening as it may seem, chemtrails my be central to a long standing program by the elites of the world to bring about SINGULARITY as they surruptitiously alter our evolution in a direction only written about in sci-fy novels.  If quantum physics is correct there is no future or past but endless possible/probable timelines of humanity and in a twist of fate the chemtrails may in fact be heading us in the evolutionary path to becomeing 'the grey aliens!' and become programmable post-humans.