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I will be sharing information about the Universe, how it effects our lives.Also reading oracle decks,tarot cards, answering questions about romance,money,careers,ect.. that listeners call in about. I'll be making some predictions about 2013-2014 in general regarding some events.

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We are in the Age of Aquarius which is the information age , We have a lot to finish in order to move on yes!! let me read to you the Prohecies from Prophet Ali Drew " there will be a new Moors who will come in eyes open seeing and knowing" Prohecies from the Oracle Book of Rama " Calm within the Storm" Summit of Happiness . "Lakshmana The power of Accomplishment" Shatrughna" The Power of Destroying Obstacles" I will be reading and speaking more on Prohecies. This is Das with Psychic World thank you for listening in. Email you questions to
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Why all the Psychological Turmoil, Is it because we have moved out of the Age of Pisces? We are in the Age of Aquarius , which is the information age. You cannot stay on this level to long ,why? what happens when people do? In the age of... more

I remember one of the true great artist would sing save the children , save the babies. Are we living in a world that is becoming more and more dehumanize? I can remember in class one of the subjects I studied was Humanity and... more

How the age of Pisces has left and we are in the age of Aquarius. Is Aquarius the age of information? How does the age of Aquarius effect the people and beings that won't leave are that are hanging on from to the old Paradigm trying to... more

"Nothing is as simple as we first assume; instead, life is complicated web of perspectives and priorities. You can only find peace when you see things from many angles and then come to understand your own heart more truly. Can you... more

The Bet card comes to you in times of conflict. You're seeing things in one way when we need to be looking at the situation from any number of what? I'm seeing the confusion and the Psychological turmoil. What happen when the seeds... more

"This is the information "age"with a computer in every living room and a cell pnone in every purse or coat. Have these changes created enormous disruptions in human life? with the increases in emotional and psychological turmoil to... more

Though today human beings seem more and more dominated by external technology. Can beings retain a core a spark of love? We have the possibility of discovering our light bodies, what is stopping or what is the obstructions in our... more

Are we accelerating in our evolution at such a rate that we have drawn the attention of beings form every part of the cosmos? Can Scientists keep up with the rate of speed technology is growing? Is this for good or people headed for... more

With the massive clean up many will have to let go of the comfortable life styles , that is to say the way we been depending on the external material realm to support us. Why is this so, many have asked? When you live a certain way and... more

How do we get alone wihout external technology? How do we activate one's own energy field internally. Lets talk about the creatures that require nothing outside of themselves. Machinery gadgetry, what happens each time we use it. Why is the... more
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