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I think if the President wins that we will see some legistion done

Words middle class saved you home or life.

Every thing from acting to fast aganist the storm to Jeep going to china.

Romney's philosophy...let the states handle everything. What would he do in the aftermath of a hurricane like Sandy if there was no FEMA and only the state to depend on. Colin Powell, ..? not a true republican Conservative crazy radio.

Why is this race turning into a race issue? Why is the GOP stressing race so much and why isn't Romney curtailing this. Why does it keep comingback to a war on women. Hurricane is out there, bad weather coming.

Rape , equal pay. Aboration oh yes do the potss and pans

How to react to bullying. What you can do to help stop it.

I think we saw a president that really had the advantage . ..Because he is the President.

Nature's remedy for sickness, help for people with cancer. Why don't we take advantage of it. Help the governement by taxing it. Ok to smile too.

Things old Willard wants out