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Want to now what people are thing about the police good, and bad.

Our society has come to a crossroads to make it legal or follow some arcade laws that can ruin a persons life . The medical good has just started to show it's good for various pain.

After tne riots what will happen to urban areas . Just one Black Shooting away. The family of police officers , what has there life been . Once a proud profession now is in shambles.

Were see a change in a radio Rush Limbogh going off the radio.BillOrilley ratings and may be haveing to say go bye.Ptotest in Baltimore more black men die.

Today I lost a brother in arms Vietnam Veteran and Father , Husband and friend to many others . I want those people who were in charge to be charged for crimes Aganist our brothers and sisters who deserved better.

knnowing what I know now I still don't know the real dea That's why this reporter somewhat lost you make the decsion.l.

Who needs water boarding or hard rock to get information from terroists , just let them watch commercials .

News every where . Congress gets busted . Wek-leaks soilder changes name to female.Rolling Thunder, thinks Forest Gump showed real side of the war and diabled Veterans....NO Rep..Dennis Bradly[ fifth generation cracker] as he says... more

All of the above will come up for vote to congress. Republicans won't let it. Fox News gives excuse for it not to pass. And there WOMEN!