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Darryl James

Darryl James--"The Bridge"


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Darryl James is an award-winning author (“Notes From The Edge,” "Bridging The Black Gender Gap," “Detective’s Affair”), lecturer and filmmaker. His stage play, "Love In A Day," has been running since 2011. He is currently working on his first full-length feature. Darryl James is the author of four books. James is the founder and publisher of Rap Sheet, relaunched in 2014 on www.RapSheet.com. The Bridge Radio is for thinking people! Stay tuned! Also, you can listen to previous shows via iTunes or stream directly from www.BlogTalkRadio.com/DarrylJames

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Some of the most vicious assaults on the Black image have come from our own community. The defending line for every demeaning role in the history of film, from Hattie McDaniels all the way to the new "Blaxploitation" era of today is that... more

Valentine’s Day means sex for a lot of people, so let’s talk about sex! The so-called “sexual revolution” was a hoax. A revolution is based on radical change and while the goal of the sexual revolution was supposed to be freer thinking... more

When it comes to Black History, most Africans in America start studying sometime around the beginning of the slave trade and bring it through to about the middle of the twentieth century. That’s a very short history for a people with such a rich... more

Currently, there is far too much discussion on the problem of the unmarried Black woman. I say that there is far too much discussion because the focus is only external, never internal. In other words, everyone is willing to talk about any and... more

For many people who claimed to march with Martin or to have been down with Malcolm, after the death of both, they simply got their free educations, their government jobs, their passes to the white neighborhoods and then proceeded... more

Funny, but Americans give automatic credibility to almost any statement that is made on the news and automatic credibility to the people making the statements. But one would think that after eight years of a lying moron in the White... more

There is a certain irony in listening to white men complain of being “oppressed.” Essentially, they hate on nearly every group that is unlike themselves, yet complain about being hated. Some Black women are following that lead. While... more

2009 was a tough year, indeed. While the economy began showing signs of improvement, big business just didn’t do its part to push things forward, choosing instead to rush the bailout repayment so that they could bonus each other out for... more

As we celebrate the holiday season, many of us have no idea where the traditions come from. Yuletide, Yule logs, The Christmas tree, Mistletoe, etc. And, even though it’s supposed to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus, too many have no... more

Young Black men in America face a tough set of circumstances from the penthouse to the playground. However, the biggest of them all is perhaps the image problem they acquire as everyone pronounces them down and out of the... more