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Darryl James

Darryl James


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Most Americans are not thinking people.

Many of the people who still think barely do so, often allowing others to dictate their thoughts or to simply think for them.

And because they do not think for themselves, they are easily led down a road to diminishing sophistication and the deterioration of socialization and civility.

It’s not a very long road either. People who have little thought processing typically move from thought to action without any filters or hesitation. This is why knee-jerk reaction is the order of the day.

And because we are no longer demanding that our citizens be thinking people, they react like children, wanting instant gratification and throwing tantrums when it doesn’t come. It is the reason why adults are overly sexual with no attention to consequences and the reason why simple-minded reality shows fare well with the overabundance of simple-minded people.

We’re headed to a third world existence. While people can’t conceive of it happening here, it can and it will. People can’t see it because they are so focused on pretending to better than the next person.

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