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Darryels Daily Dialogue

Darryel's Daily Dialogue


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The purpose of this show is about me igniting Daily Dialogue for the listeners to participate, and express their views and concerns about various topics ranging from relationships, politics, race, injustices, religion and more. "Darryel's Daily Dialogue....where positive words, manifest positive action." Each and Every Wed at 9pm-11pm Est.

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For the record, yes, women cheat too, I know. However, generally speaking, I think its safe to say that men cheat, or have cheated more. Where does this whole concept of cheating, even come from? Did our parents parents cheat as... more

There are alot of progressive Blacks, and we've made many strides over the years, from the days of overt slavery, and oprression. I dont want to intimate that NONE of Black America is doing well, and that ALL blacks are in need of being... more

While I'm a believer that there are many BLACK people united, I also acknowledge that many of us are divided. I also understand that this division isn't isolated to only Blacks, many ethic groups are divided. One of things that have... more

With the many discussions of protesting the NFL, talking about whether or not people are disrespecting the flag, and the military, it being deemed as not patriotic if you don't stand and salute the National Anthem etc, it has me... more

With all of the talk about boycotting/protesting the NFL, I'm interested in knowing why. What are the reasons people feel to boycott? Why dont you feel the need to boycott? What are you looking to accomplish with the boycott? Tune into... more

In light of the Bill Maher situation, of using "The N Word", it has me thinking of why its such a big deal. David Banner also has a viral video out, speaking about why whites, or any other races can not use the "N word", even if it's not... more

With the evolution of society, women becoming more independent, the feminist movement, gender equality etc, I'm very interested in the perspective about the Head of the Household. Whether you're single, married, LGBT etc, I'd like... more

Many has argued whether or not, people are born gay. My question is, are people even born straight? At what age do we begin showing interest in a particular gender? Can someone actually be born gay or born straight? Can you control... more

Once you're married or in a committed relationship, what are the rules of engagement, for how you interact with your ex-lover, or ex-sex partner? Is it an insecurity, that people don't want their spouse to be friends with their ex's? Is it... more

Often times we hear that the Man is the Head of The Household. To me, that implies that everything that happens within the household, good or bad, is a direct result of the man's actions. With that premise, when I think about the epidemic... more