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One of a kind Blown Glass Art is a fantastic gift crafted by the artists at Lillie Glassblowers. Lillie Glassblowers has been creating one of a kind blown glass art in Smyrna Georgia in their glassblowing shop. Lillie Glassblowers is families run company, with the father Don Lillie overseeing the daily procedures, and of course creating some beautiful works of art in his spare time. Thom Lillie is the unrestricted son whose talents for creating exquisite glass designs is always evident in his efforts Thom is always at the studio working on a new art piece, but somehow manages to produce glass art that is unique. Thom can be found on any day hurrying an order up so it can be shipped on time, but he also could be found conversing with people who find themselves drawn to his studio. Thom and his dad are always dashing around chaotically in the studio. Blowtorches blaze as Don Lillie and Thom rush around to complete an order for a customer. Thom and Don have always made such gorgeous works on art that anybody would be product to own. I walked into the Lille shop one day and saw Don Lille speaking with the fire marshal of Smyrna. As I got closer, I could hear them speaking about a particular award for a brave firefighter who risked his life doing his duty. Don and the fire marshal did settle on a fire axe as a perfect award for the brave civil servant who saved somebody life doing his duty. Hand Blown glass art is very hard to create, and make spectacular at the same time. This is why often a unique request from a client ends up becoming a very special and tailored made sculpture. Thom and Don must adjust to making items for resale, in other words, pieces that are commonly bought, but they still end up making lots of work that just satisfies their creative juices. Don and Thom can think up a sketch for somebody, and design it into a fantastic sculpture.

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If you need a great gift, then you should consider Hand Blown Glass Art professional made by Lille Glassblowers. Lille Glassblowers has been creating one of a kind blown glass art in Smyrna Georgia in their glassblowing... more
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