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Home...Sweet...Home (Part 2)

  • Broadcast in Religion
Arise Shine Global Ministries

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Even if everyone else is a liar…God is true.
(Rom 3:4 NLT) 

Can a human being go into Heaven without dying?  Yes, and here’s proof to back it up (Mt 18:16 NIV).  Enoch (Heb 11:5 GW) and Elijah (2 Kn 2:11 GW).

You can go into Heaven but not in the material body you currently reside in because it’s not designed to withstand the travel through space; you’ll need a body like Jesus’ (Lk. 24:39 WEB).  Let me explain. 

Every human being is three-parted:  you are a spirit, you have a soul and you live in a material body.  In Gen 1:26 NLT God said, "Let us make human beings in our (mirror) image, to be like us.…”  

We see the human being blueprint in the first four  chapters of Genesis.  In Genesis 1:1 – 2:3 we see God the Spirit working (speaking).  In Genesis 2:4 – 3:24 we see the Lord God using His body to make and do things.  In Genesis 4:1 – 26 we see the Lord using His soul to intellectually deal with mankind after the wrongdoing.

God is a spirit (John 4:24 GW) which means you are a spirit. God has a soul (1 Cor. 2: 10-11 NASB) which means you have a soul.  God lives in a material body (John 1:1, 14 GW) which means you live in a material body.  

Your spirit is who you really, truly are. Your soul is the intellectual part of you. Your body is the “earth suit” that your spirit and soul live in. Ever heard of Me, Myself & I?  

If the earth suit were to be fatally damaged or simply wear out, the spirit and soul come out of the body. The body returns to the earth while the spirit and soul either soar to Heaven or tumble down to hell.  

If you were to leave earth today...where would you and your soul go?