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Darnell Glover


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I have found as life goes on there are many ups and downs that people are having problems with; many times there is no one that they can or wish to talk too. Husbands don't understand their wives, mothers and fathers don't understand their children and their children don't understand them as well. No one really has time to care about others; they are all caught up in their own worlds and problems. They, as many may feel, that there is not enough time in a day for their problems and the problems of others even if it is of their own blood. “THIS HAS TO STOP!” No one lives on this earth by themselves so therefore we all have to learn to share all that this great earth and world has to share. “When Life Is Hopeless” what should I do many may and are asking? Well, my friend, that is really what my show is all about. When a person may find themselves walking into the darkness and they find that they are all alone, with no light coming to sight. Many do not try to communicate with their higher power because there is no ongoing relationship. There are no family or friends that they can trust telling them about the darkness that they have enter. It could be drugs, murder, being beaten up by a mate, loosing a job or the many other daily problems that comes into ones life.

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Darnell T. Glover, Host went to the past to bring you the "HITS" when music was music

Darnell T. Glover, a freelance photographer and television producer goes back to the past to get his kind of music

Many of lose control of our lives as we give that control too others. When this control is given, our best interest is not consist. As a child we fought to the hills to do as we wanted. As adults what has happen to that fighting spirit? Why... more

Things happens too us, the first thing we asked is "Why me?
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