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The award nominated Author of Visionz of Seduction and Lustful Feelings. Voices of a Ghetto Child an urban legend. Its a raw and wickedly wild radio show that promises to deliver on topics that uplifts the Urban community. Its radio with a wicked twist!

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What to do when you don't have a Valentine? Is this over rated? Does this one day out of the year make you down if your single? Let's talk about the pros & cons for those who happen to be single on Valentines day.

This show is featuring an up & rising artist! Mann Child is a native of Macon. He has been on his musical grind for 10 years now. You can hear his music on such sites such as Shazaam, Slacker Radio & iTunes. His completed mix... more

It's been a minute but we are back!!! We are back on the airwaves & going to discuss a little of everything to a little of nothing. Join us in the fun! Feel free to call in & let us know if you've missed DND radio!

This show is going to discuss whether if you are married, but seperated. Should you date someone new until youre divorced or remain faithful to that maybe "failing marriage?

Tonights topic has been inspired by several things, but mainly we are going to talk about the gay and lesbian community in another light. If your long time friend, or family member came to you and told you their secrets, they were gay or... more

We will be featuring this upcoming artist...... DJ Mr. Phantastik (Rapper/DJ), was born & raised in Brooklyn NY, with strong Caribbean & Latin roots (Haiti & Cuba), also as a DJ through out the Tri-State as well as D.C., Maryland, & Virginia... more

We are going to disucss the topic of men who suffers in silence mental and physcial abuse from his partner. No one wants to admit that sometimes its a woman who is the abuser. We are going to shed some light on this topic. There... more

She took his goodies..... can a man be raped? Really? There are more and more women who are running games with the ole trap the brotha man to get child support. But what we really want to know is can a man be physically raped. And... more

This show will tackle the jumping the fence and dating outside of your race.. Are more black women turning to other ethnic groups to find love and if so, why or why not? Is it more acceptable now for black women to accept that the... more

We are going to conitnue the conversation once again, why some women wont take care of those babies, but will take care of a no good man. Why are you acting so deseperate, and blindsided when it comes to lethal relationships? Is it... more