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We are the last Generation,Its Time to end this conflict or die!! ANU Thunder

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Dark Matter radio Ronnnie mclean

Dark Matter radio Ronnnie mclean


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We are the last Generation,Its Time to end this conflict  or we all will die!!  ANU Thunder  African Americans ain't Africans, ... Join hosts Buck Wylam and Rick Moon on Dak Matter Radion as guest host on Dak Matter Radio.

More so called Black Men Are in Prison Today Than Enslaved in 1850

For over 100 years it’s been talked about, movements that took you nowhere near the claim of freedom, leaders that promised independents from a system of war that is meant to genocide you off the face of this plain, off this so-called earth. Movements that have been destroyed, our leaders kill. In a war has been raged since 1492 and beyond, towards the carbon beings of the world, of this North America, and its now time to bring this conflict to an end. For those in memory that have gave their lives in the defence of our civilization, revolt, after revolt, and the slaughtered as a part of this war, something has to change. We will rise and become who we are truly designed to be Original Indigenous beings of the Bronze race and out of the ashes the Re-formation of a civilization set for dead. Indigenous Nations of North America of the Bronze Race being.  I.N.N.A.


Head of State of I.N.N.A.

1) What is I.N.N.A. and how was it developed what do you mean rising from the ashes.

2) How is this different from another movements of the past  

3) we already have established federations nation, an so many other organization that are already doing what your doing and they have the backing of the united states government.  

4) ok!! How is this going to work! Do you have land, a government, where is your economic power coming from?

5) Why do you say we are still at war? What war and what about slavery