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Black America, it’s time to get real, it’s time to make choices right now,choose

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Dark Matter radio Ronnnie mclean

Dark Matter radio Ronnnie mclean


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By 1492 original Indigenous peoples  have  lived in the Western Hemisphere for tens of thousands of years, For much of this time it was believed that they had experienced virtually no recorded, sustained contact with other parts of the world—Europe, Africa, or Asia, we now know this to be a European miss truth and an outright lie. That for thousands of years the original indigenous people of America has had vast amounts of contact with many parts of the world that do include what we all now call Africa and Asia I also now believe that the original Indigenous beings has had contact with what I am now calling the beings of the outer parts (realms) of the earth, beings and places spoken about by admiral Brid.

Professions of the original Indigenous peoples in North America, hundreds of Millions of people lived in an area some five times the size of Europe. In strikingly diverse habitats and climates they developed possibly the most varied and productive agriculture systems in the world and possibly the most advances beings on this part of the realm. Their lifestyles and belief systems differed widely and they spoke hundreds of distinct languages.

Throughout the hemisphere, states and centers of high civilization had risen. The dynamic Mexica (original Indigenous peoples) empires were still expanding at this time and internal migration and warfare were from what I can see uncommon. The peoples did see themselves as part of an entity. Only later would this area of the this ream come under attack by the Quietened people of what we call European,  and violently renamed this part of the earth —America—and the Mongol  people labeled them “Indians” and the original Indigenous peoples  genocide them all together by Europeans.

So that fence your sitting on is about to fall the question is what side will you be on!

Dark Matter Radio with you host Ronnie McLean