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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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It seems as the Kavanaugh case moves forward to full Senate vote, that the left is cranking up their opposition to the fullest, however two key Senators have said they vote YES, so it looks like a full confirmation. This means that the... more

Folks, it's time to duck and cover as George Soros works his evil works to foment revolution in America and take down our Republic and replace it with a UN dictatorship. While everyone should pray to not allow this to take place, its... more

It seems that Iran launched at least 8 missiles towards the United States Base in Syria, but insofar as we know, nothing was hit - but it appears that Iran is kicking a sleeping dog, and that might not be the wisest of things to be doing, as it... more

The American people got a good look at what is going on and the total hatred the left has for the right with their behavior at the Kavanaugh hearings yesterday and the cruelty of communists and how they use people to further their agenda to... more

As we approach the beginning of Daniel's lost week, it seems that the nations named in prophecy are going into alignment - much more rapidly than some thought - and now with the Russian-Israeli confrontation developing rapidly,... more

As the world awaits the "Deal of the Century" speech of Trump at the UN, which many believe is the long awaited Peace Agreement to be made with "many", the Dogs of War appear to in a near frenzy as Russia encircles Israel and forbids... more

It is an interesting and very sad thing to watch how the communists infiltrate, destabilize and then cause revolution within their targeted nation and then take it over and destroy it. Inasmuch as Satan is the author of communism, and is... more

Deep State will not willingly allow Trump to declassify documents that will all but indict their members - and so the stalling and reasons why these cannot be released "right away" will only intensify. The other problem with this is the real... more

In this short update, we will venture deeper into the Sun Spot mystery and the likelihood of a solar EMP in the next few weeks or month. Remember that Major Ed Dames, AKA as "Dr. Doom" said that a series of EMP's would strike... more

There appears to be a continuing escalation in the Syrian conflict as more and more troops and military weapons pour into the Syrian conflict - and any pause appears to be that Russia is going to open corridors of escape for all civilians in... more