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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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Trump today said that if he had to, he would declare a state of emergency which means, in essence, MARTIAL LAW, as this is really the only way he can force the building of a wall - however, if one reads Ezekiel 38, it implies that America... more

While Americans fight over the security of our southern border, the enemy continues to infiltrate America. Known as a FIFTH COLUMN OPERATION, mighty Babylon will be taken down from within and from without. This agenda for the... more

We have, so far, made it through 2018 without a nuclear war or America undergoing a major false flag event, Trump is still in office, Obama waits in the wings and Washington is still Washington. Full of corruption, powerplays and... more

A good way to start the New Year, according to the elite globalists is to ignite wars, kill lots of people while they stay in their mansions directing the show and yet humanity could, but will not, round them all up and send them to the FEMA... more

As we near the end of 2018 and the Christmas Chaos, the war drums over at Ukraine are beating much louder as Russia and Ukraine head for a showdown, and it will not end well unless cool heads prevail, but the troop and military... more

A visit from Barry Roffman on his new discoveries in the Bible Codes, and how they indicate that Obama might well become America's ruler after a possible revolution that has something to do with Trump and his attempt to build the wall... more

As we were told, that on the 14th or 15th of December, Ukraine would begin its war and it is clear that this is a major provocation to Russia and Putin will respond - and that brings in NATO and the USA. Remember the elite need a... more

False Flag in Ukraine soon, war drums beat louder, troops and military machines gathering for battle, economy slowing down, stock market erratic, rumors of martial law continue with the magazine "The Atlantic" even bringing forward the... more

If anyone watched the Trump meeting with the Deep State got a chance to see how and why Trump wins more often than he loses, and how he does not care if he takes all the blame if things look bad on the political side of... more

We have repeatedly warned our listeners that something was coming, but we did not know exactly how, when but we do know why, because Psalm 2 tells us the why and the who - but not the HOW. Multitudes of military aircraft have taken to... more