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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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Hawaii volcanic activity is increasing by the hour, being part of the United States, this is a judgment against us because there has been no repentance, only further rebellion and this will continue until the USA is destroyed. It will next come... more

As the world spins out of control, and the nations grow more and more troubled, it seems that we are getting warning signs of the impending doom for humanity. While nature goes wild all over the globe, mankind seems to be headed into a... more

State Department Document 7277 calls for the total disarmament of the American population, the US Military going under the United Nations "Peace Keeping" Forces and all nations going under the total control of the UN and its 10... more

New Bible Codes all point to increasing unrest in world affairs, and they center on Israel. First we have the new capital for Israel as Jerusalem, a huge prophetic move. Then we have the USA embassy move to Jerusalem and we all await the... more

When will Iran respond to Israel's pounding? In order not to lose face, Iran must respond, and could well respond right here in America because of the "sleeper" cells already embedded in our nation. The other oddity concerning all of this is... more

Masonic leader Albert Pike's letter outlining three world wars appears to be on target for the THIRD WAR, as what we are watching appears to be the beginning of World War Three. The war between Israel and Iran has now gone hot... more

Although not on American news, Israel launched a major attack upon Iran's forces in Syria this AM and rumor has it that America, France and the UK will begin a campaign to eliminate all Iranian activity in Syria. It is not known how Iran or... more

Paranormal sightings of odd entities is increasing along with world wide UFO activity. That indicates that something is about to happen in Israel, as there appears to be a direct connection between the paranormal and war in the... more

The occult blood holiday of Beltane is tonight, just as the full moon and Jupiter form a conjunction of warning, and the communist victory of MAYDAY all form together to give a final warning to humanity that the times of great trouble are... more

Guest Richard Shaw will be on our show tonight with information on the newest Bible Codes and news from Israel as we draw every closer to the Time of Jacob's Troube, a period of intense suffering for Israel's rejection of their TRUE... more