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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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Not in our news over here, but the war between Israel and Yemen, Syria and Iran is moving towards a major conflict that may well spell over to Daniel 8 and Isaiah 17 conflicts - and as we have reported, no one knows which comes first in this... more

The Earth matrix is nearing its end - it is unwinding. The nations are angry, they are restless - war drums beat while the leaders sa,y "Peace & Security", when there is no peace and there is no security. The nations build up their weapons... more

So what is really going on with the Trump-Kim peace and security agreements being hammered out - most saying the USA gave everything and Kim walked away giving nothing. It is said that what was signed is non-binding on North... more

It appears that President Trump has changed his stance when it comes to dealing with Kimmy the Wiz Kid, as before the so-called "summit" Trump had said this was just the beginning of meetings, and that it might take a number of them to... more

Psalm Two does not exempt any world leader from its broad sweeping conspiracy FACT, and thus it must be that what we are really watching is a stage play, all mapped out ahead of time, orchestrated by Satan under the approval of the... more

Tonight is a very special broadcast with scientist Stan Deyo, who is just back from a trip to verify and prove the exact location of the Garden of Eden, the birthplace of Humanity! One must remember that during that time in Earth history all of... more

As we enter the final phases of 2018, it appears that the Earth changes are under a rapid growth spurt, with more and more volcanic activity, recent meteor hit, strange flooding events and the weather all over the globe appears to be... more

The world may be in almost total denial, but it does not change the actual reality of where we are in the time and event lines of the Lord's agenda as He works His plan. The signs are now everywhere and the Deep State is likewise everywhere,... more

We are watching America imploding upon itself as the communist coup tightens its grip upon the unknowing public and little if anything is being done to stop it. Part of this take-down of America is diversionary tactics, that keep people focused... more

Everywhere we see signs converging, from the cosmos to Israel, from technology to wars and rumors of war, from earth changes to restless nations we are rapidly closing in on major upheaval for humanity as the time of probation closes and... more