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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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We have repeatedly warned our listeners that something was coming, but we did not know exactly how, when but we do know why, because Psalm 2 tells us the why and the who - but not the HOW. Multitudes of military aircraft have taken to... more

Most Christians and most likely bewildered by all the news from around the world as the world civilizations implode upon themselves, just as the Bible Prophets said they would. Order out of chaos is the motto of "mystery" and we are... more

The erratic stock market continues to move down and word is that the power elite intend to pull the plug and cause a market crash - something that native American prophecies have forecast. Will 2019 be the year in which it all ends for the... more

Author Daniel Holdings joins Night Shadows for a discussion on a number of topics, but centering upon the mysterious signal that made the Earth ring like a bell, which some scientists said was "not natural". Much speculation has... more

Alaska hit by a 7.0 quake that has caused extensive infrastructure damage, closed the international airport, and there are reports that it may have damaged oil pipelines. At the same time this is going on, reports of a major coup attempt in... more

In the wind, if you listen carefully, one can hear the approaching footsteps of two Messiahs, one true, one false. Third Temple draws closer, Russia being provoked into a mis-step so the deep state can have their world war. Meanwhile,... more

Reports coming out of the Ukraine and elsewhere suggest that the NATO/US attempt to blow the bridge may be the trigger event for Russia to simply take Ukraine militarily and solve the problem that way. However, the USA via Trump... more

The United States is being invaded, and while Trump said anyone crossing the border or throwing rocks and other projectiles would be shot, evidently not with real bullets but rubber bullets and tear gas. In spite of that, invaders did breach... more

Remember the two other staged gas attacks that were blamed upon Assad? The USA/CIA appear to be at it again as an excuse to bring down Assad. Russia blames the USA and now it appears that we may have a direct USA-Russian... more

A report has surfaced the FBI conducted a house raid and uncovered secret plans for the total take-over of the United States, and if valid, is almost complete. On the Border, the UN is being asked to intervene by Mexico. You may remember the... more