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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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Israel's War on the 9th of Av has brought about a temporary cease fire, but the likelihood is it will not hold. Bibi says that Putin betrayed Israel, and Hamas just needs more time to resupply their weapons of war before they attack once... more

Much speculation has arisen concerning the 9th of Av (tomorrow 7-21), the blood moon over Jerusalem on Tu'B'Av, the mysterious love feast TO the Lord, some refer to it has symbolic of the Church being removed, but it has also... more

The Middle East appears to be heating up once again, with Israel's full call-up of reserves, threats from Iran and their alliances, Putin, Trump and Bibi forge secret alliance to help defend Israel along the Syrian border and Israel transfers troops... more

Deep State goes insane over Trump-Putin press briefing and comments made by Trump viewed as TREASON, and both Republican and Democratic leaders, all deep state align themselves for removal of Trump as now the threat of an... more

The War appears to be on, but Israel will have to fight it on three fronts - all reserves have been called up, and now A DRAFT FOR MORE SOLDIERS is on. The enemies of Israel are now gathering at a time one could say the world is... more

Israel and Jerusalem are the time piece for the entire world, and the events over there are telling us the time of Jacob's Trouble is just around the corner. First we have Jerusalem is now the eternal capital of Israel, then we have the embassy... more

In the opening speech at NATO, the phrase PEACE and SECURITY was mentioned, in the exact language the Bible gives us for the last days. Prior to this, when the world leaders. were speaking against Israel at the United Nations... more

A New York Times editorial calls for open revolution to dump Trump by any means possible if you read between the lines, and major media is guilty of sedition but nothing is done about it. Why not? Deep State controls it all, and... more

Earth is on the edge of total CHAOS as humanity falls into the trap set by "Mystery", the old program of divide and conquer. It never changes because it always works, as humanity is controlled by the prince and power of the air, aka... more

Stewart is back - Will July be a time of chaos and trouble? A time of revolution and revolt? A time of massive Earth upheavals? Riots in Portland, OR, Antifa back in the news - George Soros, the far left has gone totally communistic, must... more