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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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It appears that the hate Trump crowd is growing by leaps and bounds, as the Deep State pulls out all the stops to get rid of Trump and bring in their CHAOS, be it economic destruction, a huge false flag event, or major war developing... more

It appears that Israel is preparing for out war on both borders and also from the sea. The timing is interesting in view of Feast of Trumpets on 9-10/11, 2019 on their calendar. Meanwhile in the United States, ANTIFA is calling for... more

It is more and more obvious that the conservative right in alternative media do not understand what is actually happening to them in the censorship wars and the coming Satanic shutdown of truth. Jesus Christ appears not have been... more

When they say peace & security, SUDDEN DESTRUCTION comes upon the world in some sort of GLOBAL EVENT. With wars and rumors of war all around us, with the signs in the heavens warning us for almost two years, with the... more

It appears that we may well be watching the beginnings of the Isaiah 17 war, as Israel is now attacking any and all Iranian assets in Syria after Iran launched some rockets into Israel - and the latest news is hard to obtain because there... more

New Bible Code seems to totally verify existence of top secret Space Fleet that has been in existence for many years! More proof of what a few have known about for some time now - but verified by the Bible, which also says mankind... more

Augusto will join us for his take of what appears to be a very rapid change taking place in America as we rush headlong into a communist revolution taking place right under the noses of Americans who seem to be totally unaware of what is... more

Evil tidings coming from a number of sources to beware August 4th as the start of something very big and the final communist push to topple America may begin - or not? War drums beating faster. Israel IDF on HIGH ALERT, bombing... more

The sheep are about to sheared and are being led to the slaughter with nary a whimper - the police survellance state is now going into full speed ahead. Google, it is said, knows more about you that you do!! They track everything you do... more

Will President Trump be the "war president" as opposed to Obama, who got the Oslo peace prize? Trump has openly threatened Iran, just as he did Kimmy of North Korea. While many might say this is simply part of Trump's strategy, Iran... more