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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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As the world awaits the "Deal of the Century" speech of Trump at the UN, which many believe is the long awaited Peace Agreement to be made with "many", the Dogs of War appear to in a near frenzy as Russia encircles Israel and forbids... more

It is an interesting and very sad thing to watch how the communists infiltrate, destabilize and then cause revolution within their targeted nation and then take it over and destroy it. Inasmuch as Satan is the author of communism, and is... more

Deep State will not willingly allow Trump to declassify documents that will all but indict their members - and so the stalling and reasons why these cannot be released "right away" will only intensify. The other problem with this is the real... more

In this short update, we will venture deeper into the Sun Spot mystery and the likelihood of a solar EMP in the next few weeks or month. Remember that Major Ed Dames, AKA as "Dr. Doom" said that a series of EMP's would strike... more

There appears to be a continuing escalation in the Syrian conflict as more and more troops and military weapons pour into the Syrian conflict - and any pause appears to be that Russia is going to open corridors of escape for all civilians in... more

Stewart, Larry & Augusto round table - seems that the news changes by the hour, as America is once again being hit with Florence, which has all but stalled, dumping trillions of pounds of water upon an already saturated area. It seems... more

A very strange event has occurred as 6+ solar observatory web cams have gone dark - taken off line with no explanation given - at the same time that a number of very strange objects have appeared near the Sun - and no one knows what... more

How does one cope with a storm surge of 20-30 feet and 80 to 90 foot waves on top of that? And yet with all the warnings, many people will think to themselves, "I can ride it out, it won't be as bad as they are saying..." I pray they are right, for... more

According to what we are able to find, no new moon was sighted in Israel on the 10th, other than one report, but the new moon sighting requires two or more witnesses to establish it - thus we had a ONE DAY DELAY, and that means that... more

The Lord is in charge of when His appointed Feast Days come, and especially so when the Feast of Trumpets is to begin - and while Israel may not change their official calendars, the Bible tells us that as of now, NO NEW YEAR TODAY,... more