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Darin Childs


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Who is Darin Childs? I am…Well that isn’t my real name, but it is truly who I am. I’m extremely outspoken, brutally honest and a bit of loose cannon. I am a wrestling promoter, which basically means I fight Real wars in the business of fake fighting. I’ve wrestled a lot of the biggest stars in the industry such as Darin has battled with some of the biggest names in the sport such as ECW Original Jerry Lynn, ECW Original Ian Rotten, Former WCW Cruiserweight champion Daffney Unger, WWE's Shannon Moore, ROH and Big Japan's Necro Butcher, WWE's Spanky, WWE's Paul London, WCW's Supercalo, WCW's Lizmark JR, WCW, WWE, and TNA's Hector Garza, WCW, TNA AAA, and WWE's Juventud Guerrera, and WWE's Essa Rios, All-Japan's Kazushi Miyamoto, WSX's Arik Cannon, WSX’s Jimmy Jacobs and survived a double flaming tables match with ECW's "Public Enemy" Johnny Grunge…and after all that I am still a complete and absolute nobody. Oh well, that’s life I am a pretty complex person yet extremely simplistic. If you want to know who I am just ask and I’ll either ignore your message or respond… I care more about the wrestling company myself. Rachel Summerlyn, Steve Amos, Skylar Skelly, Chesty Larue own and operate than almost anything in life. The company is Anarchy Championship Wrestling / IWA-Texas. You should go to www.MYSPACE.com/ACW_AUSTIN or www.ACWAUSTIN.com to check it out. I personally think it is the best wrestling company in the state of Texas and can hold up to most in the country, but I'm an arrogant prick...
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