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DAnne Burley Show

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Tonight we will talk more about the TV series called The Following as reports in the news talk about a human head found on a plate somewhere in California, the Professor of the series is very simular to the one who was reported as being involved in financing and watching kills make by killer Lary Eilyer of Illinois who was known as the Highway Killer, it was alleged he murdered over 30 plus youth gay men in Illinois Wisconsin Indiana and Ohio, but Eilyer claimed that there were others involved. 

Eiyler died in prison in 1992 but it seemed he murders still occured opening the door to the question to if he told the truth of others involved. 


The very same issue occured as John Wayne Gacy was heading to the gas chambers he stated there were others as well. So when looking at the program to Following maybe there are factors of truth behind the series.

Then within this program there seems to be brain washing to make the general public think that people within liberal groups are involved in criminal acts that can  be considered acts of terror again is this being done to help them to get public approval of cameras and other measures being used to watch Americans who are being deemed as combat terrorist.

also in California are you ok with someone who is not a legal citizens being able to prractice law when others who are american are being refused that right because they do not have the education? So what is going on within flash mobs and other hits against citizens by others who are using the internet to meet up and attack being who have done nothing. 

Is this Kilter Skelter being unleased by the powers in order to create more control of the population of America or do they have our interest at heart.

Listen to the facts and then figure out if its a conspiract against Americans or is it just a mere accidenc that looks like one. callers 718-508-9513