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What has been forgotten about 911 Hosted By D'Anne Burley

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Its 9-10-11  The end game is to establish a new church new bible and force those who can not see the facts in front of them into the church of the beast. Albert pike was a friend of john ross and moved hate within the nation. By tje hands of those established within our government within law enforcement and within those who are ruling industry they have taken down world finances governments and anyone who stands in there way. This was not islam it was to create a world whereby we distroy ourselves and our souls today is the begining of what's to come if you don't wake up and demand your nation back. Not within actions of fighting but in words which can be sharper than the sword within creating action to develop on your own a new path and way. the time is indeed near for the beginning of the rain of satan  recall 911 wtc and everything totally out to 911 why? No few arabs like they wanted you to believe would sit around and create a number pattern to take down buildings why would they need to do that huh? There is nothing in the koran and or any other know doctrine which states you must use a numerically system to conduct the actions of a jihad nothing other than within those who deal with the occult or those who deal with orders can create numbers within kills like the zodica killer of california. 911 opens the door to new levels of evidence that 911 was not a islamic terrorist plot  Again on 911 too many things added up to 911 like the number of passengers the planes the time when the planes hit everything including the new york city and illinois lottery all 911:the final war and how satan would empower himself has ruler of the earth and within his doctrines during the time he took over many of the american indian nations with racial hatred he issued that the third world war would be fought by the islamic people against isreal and then the christians