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Why is social security offices in mexico while americans are now being
forced to suffer injustice mismanagement of money coming out of
washington dc. The issue is more than just the President he signs the
acts of congress and senate into law. Its the blue nosed politicans
who claim to be republicans who had allowed the previous adminstration
to flounder through trillions of spending on defense within a war
which was based on a lie. A war that came about after sept 11th 2001.
A war which continously wages on with the united states currently beyond debt ceilings. We can take the food from children starve out senior citizens and the homeless and make them the die from failed
healthcare systems while the fat cats in washingtons senate and house vote salary increases for themselves more and more spending on tomahawk missiles to use against other poor residence within other nations using slogans like protecting the homeland which sounds and
smells like the nazi high junks of wwii. Where are you as a journalist politican and person with compassion with this one. There is no money but we can raid social security to fund the global warfare on the heals of those who worked all of their lives to be able to live the remainder of their time in peace. You can then refuse the return of our military men back onto the soil of the united states and render those who return homeless because they will be also caught up in the
we ain't got no money scam being told on whitehouse ground. No other country on this planet would render the current treatment the citizens of the united states has received within lies and use of earmarks and conflicted business ties. Its time that the people request you resign or be fired for failure to preform your oath of office to the people and I am speaking of the congress and senate they are those people who
are currently creating this nightmare.