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The Judgment of the Living Dead (Part 6)

  • Broadcast in Christianity
Daniel Whyte III

Daniel Whyte III


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TEXT: Revelation 20:11-15

Today, we are going to continue looking at the outcome of the Great White Throne Judgment or the Judgment of the Living Dead. Tom Malone said, “How important this doctrine is. This is the last great act of God. You can study prophecy and study the Bible and what God is going to do, all in chronological order, but this is the last thing God is going to do. After this, time shall be no more. After this, eternity sets in. After this, not one soul is ever saved. After this, there is just heaven for the saved throughout all eternity. After this, there is nothing but eternal damnation for all those who are not saved. This is God’s last great act which brings to an end what man calls time.”
In our last message, we discussed the use of the term “Lake of Fire” in Scripture. We saw that this term must indeed be taken to mean a physical lake of liquid fire that will never be quenched. We also saw how “lakes of fire” -- superheated stars some 30 million degrees Fahrenheit -- exist now in the far reaches of space. So, a “Lake of Fire” is not an impossibility. Science agrees with the Bible.
The final aspect of the lake of fire that we want to look at today is its eternality. No one has a problem with Heaven being eternal. No one says that those who go to Heaven will eventually be annihilated by the happiness, bliss, and joy that they experience. However, when we talk about the lake of fire, people start squirming over the idea of it being a place of eternal torment. It is a truth that makes us uncomfortable. But, there are a great many truths in Scripture that make us uncomfortable. The uncomfortableness of a truth does not make it any less true.