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GLMX #236: Hope and Life in the Face of Terror and Death

  • Broadcast in Christianity
Daniel Whyte III

Daniel Whyte III


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Many years from now, when the world looks back on this time in history, “terrorism” and “extremists” will likely be identified as the watchwords of our day. Even though acts of terror have been carried out at different times in history, after 9/11, the Western world was awakened to a new brand of terror in the form of Islamic extremism. People who fall in this category are willing to end their own lives in an effort to destroy, dismantle, and bring an end to Western civilization, Christians, Jews, and even other Muslims who do not believe exactly as they do.

On the news, we regularly hear phrases such as “terrorist”, “war on terror”, and “suicide bomber.” Currently, the War on Terror is actively being fought in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, and Syria. Ongoing military operations against terrorists are also being carried out in Nigeria, the Horn of Africa, the Philippines, the trans-Sahara region, China, and Chechnya.

Perhaps most shocking has been the series of beheadings carried out by a group which calls itself the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Just last week, they burned a man alive and put it on video for the world to see. They are slaughtering thousands in Iraq and Syria, expelling Christians, Yazidis, and other minorities from their homelands, and threatening to take over not only Baghdad and Damascus — the capitals of Iraq and Syria — but to launch attacks inside the United States and other Western nations. Unfortunately, it seems as though efforts to stop this group have been ineffective.

As we see these events taking place, you may be asking questions like: Why is this happening? Does anyone care? It is easy to become cynical and to lose hope in the face of such terror. Even the bold words of political leaders and their assurances of success in the war on terror in the long run have failed to give us hope.